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  • New Death Match Map - DM Coretex2
    DM Coretex 2 is a new death match map, by Stigma and me, using the old DM Coretex map as a base to build upon. The basic elements of the original map are still there but a
  • New Death Match Map - Deadman's Alley
    Stigma and I have made an updated version of his old Stigmadm7 map and renamed it Deadman's Alley . It is a medium sized, open, urban style map.It has a large open area su
  • New Death Match Map - Deadend Street
    Deadend Street is a smallish death match map made by Stigma and Mr Damage. The map has an urban street setting. It has a main street with a small warehouse you can enter a
  • Another New Death Match Map On Way
    I'm currently working on a new DM Map that Stigma sent me. It's small to medium urban street map. Hopefully it'll be finished shortly.
  • -=Deadwood=- Death Match Map
    Back in April of 2007 Stigma and I collaborated on a DM Map called -=Deadwood=- . It is a small to medium sized map set in a nice looking town. Most of the action will tak
  • New Death Match Map
    Stigma and I have collaborated on a new death match map for Kingpin. The new map is called DM DeadBueno is is a conversion of a Half-Life map called ScoutzKnivez. The auth
  • New Death Match Map On Way
    Stigma and I have collaborated on another death match map. This one is converted fom Half-Life and is in beta stage. It just needs some testing and will then be released. 
  • New Death Match Map - DM Dead Club House
    Stigma , with some help from me, has released a new death match map called DM Dead Club House. It's a smallish death match map set in and around an old two level house. Th
  • Southside Death Match Map
    Here is a death match map  Stigma made back in 2006. Southside (kp2_southside.bsp) is a small, open area, death match map made up of bits and pieces from the single player
  • Screens Of New Death Match Map
    Stigma , with some help from me, is currently putting the finishing touches on a new death match map called Dead Tree House. Here are some screens:-
  • New Bagman Map - Team Dead Things
    Team Dead Things is a small, open, Bagman map converted to Kingpin by  Stigma   with help from Mr Damage.  It uses a combination of standard and custom textures, has ample
  • Screenshot Of New Bagman Map
    Stigma and I have collaborated on a new Bagman map called Team Dead Things. It just needs testing and then will be released.
  • KA Arena Death Match Map
    Here is a small, arena style, deathmatch map called KA Arena. It was converted to Kingpin from Half-Life by  Stigma (when he was known as Cujo). It features a main arena a
  • New Halloween Maps Added To Client Files
    I have updated the Halloween Client Files to include all the latest maps (so there is a total of 44 maps in the client files now). The very latest map are :- An updated ve
  • Deathmatch Map DM MasinB
    Here is an older map made by  Cujo / Stigma with help from me and  Hypov8 . I was trying to remember the name of a map I was thinking of the other day and finally remebere
  • Tiny Dragons Video
    Stigma has created a tiny 4 second video on what the entrance to a Dragons hideout might look like. Check it out here.
  • New Deathmatch Map - DM Krampus
    Stigma has released a new deathmatch map called DM Krampus. It is a large map that features heavy fog (set fog to yes in visuals menu). It is a remake/larger version of th
  • Winter Themed Death Match Map
    Here is a nice little deathmatch map from a few years ago made by Stigma . DM Coretex is a small, arena style deathmatch map with an urban Winter setting. The central part
  • Another Death Match Map Added To Archive
    I just found an old death match map called Southside Harbour that was made by Stigma back in 2006. I have now uploaded it to our death match maps archive. Southside Harbou
  • Death Match Map Added To Archive
    When Hypov8 was putting together the map-packs for the Luschen servers I was helping him find all the maps so he could zip them up. Because of that I found that we had a d
  • Bagman Map Revised
    I have revised the Bagman Map called Team Winter's Edge which was made by Stigma . This map had an issue with the downloadable custom sky, some spawn points and the middle

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