Amit Doron

20 December 2005 on
A = Amit Doron (Lead Character Animator and Motion Capture)
Q = Yan Ostretsov aka Method

 Method: Please tell us about yourself and how you got into gaming business?

Amit Doron: Being human - I'm creative, so about 13 years ago I started working at my father's studio, a super-talented animator & director, on TV/ film animation spots, and in 94' I worked on my first title- Cyclemania, bike racing game for Dos.. published by Accolade.

Meth: What was the best part of working on Kingpin?

Amit: Beside having my perty face on one of the characters.. ;) it was another great opportunity for me to realize that in fact I deal with violence ! - animating characters that shoot, kill, wound & blow apart. I mean, in a way it was a wake up call for me, to notice how I spend my day..

Meth: Did you use any sources for KP animation?

Amit: Chicago's gangsters in the 30's. I read some books about film noir and that type of feel, and tried to implement it into the characters' behavior-mystery, tension..

Meth: I know you were a Lead Character Animator, did you do anything else for KP?

Amit: my title at Xatrix was - Lead character animator & Motion Capture Specialist, which means anything from key frame animation, rigging, to mocap cleanup. I also did a lot of Mocap calibration & sensor setup.

Meth: Could you tell us about that video of KP at your website?

Amit: I got it from the producer at Xatrix; they used to give us videos they prepared for E3, TV and other shows.

Meth: Do you still play KP?

Amit: Nope. I don't enjoy shooting people.

Meth: Do you have any suggestions or tips for a future character animators?

Amit: Yeh, ask yourself if you feel right with creating violent games. Million of kids draw from this energy, it affect their lives, and not necessary in a positive way.. these kids are the face of the world tomorrow.. hours of dealing with characters that shoot, explode & kill.. and how different is the world outside the living room we play at ?!.. enough sadness in real life terrorism & wars, no need for additional -virtual wars.. let's leave a positive mark, let's live in a world of Peace. it's up to us, no one else. We create our experience.. violence is an _expression of ignorance. fear. the choice is ours, no one else. to fear or to love.. I am not proud of the characters' actions in Kingpin, and it helped me to further see reality.. so I -choose, not to take part in violence.

Meth: Would you like to add something else?

Amit: whatever can't be done peacefully, isn't worth doing at all. violence is the way of the past. Today, let's create a peaceful future. cheers, & love to all!

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