Latest version of Acc's Mapping Tool Uploaded

Elfor let me know we didn't have the latest version of Acc's mapping tool that automatically converts entities in Quake 2 maps to Kingpin entities. I have now uploaded ver8.

This utility is a quick, easy and dirty way to convert levels from Quake II to Kingpin if you desperately need to. It is not meant to be a replacement for proper conversions.
- AliasConradColdwood

Check the readme for details.

You can download KPQ2conv-ver8 from here.

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Sunday Game Of Crash Squad Mod 12th July

The Sunday game this week is going to be the Crash Squad mod.

Game details:-

Server : Newskool Crash Squad
IP :
Date : Sunday 12th July
Time : 9.30pm UK time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.30pm UK time here.

If you don't have the Crash client files you can download them from the server or you can save time and download them from here.

Just unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location (kingpin/crash).

Btw the client files contain comprehensive info on how to play the mod which I have also uploaded as a webpage here. 

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Kingpin In Other Games - Duke3D

There is a three level demo of a Total Conversion mod with a Kingpin theme for DUKE3D (EDuke32 required). The mod is called Suburbs.

Check out some info and screens here.

You can download Suburbs from the above link or from here.


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Stream Of SP Kingpin Going On Now

TwinGatsGaming is currently streaming some single player action in Twitch.

Check out all the action here.

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Thursday Game of Summer Mod and CTF

The Thursday Games  this week will be an hour or so of the Summer Mod and then the remainder of the night will be Capture the Flag on Newskool servers.

It looks like the Summer mod will be played in Point Catching mode -

frag's will be replaced by a points system.
picking up summer holiday items add's 5 points to your score
killing a player will drop the dead players wallet with a value of 25 points
This mode will also give you weapons when re-spawning.

Server Details:

Server : Newskool Summer Mod
IP :
Date : Thursday 9th July
Time : 9.30pm UK time/4.30pm EST Time

Server : Newskool CTF
IP :
Date : Thursday 9th July
Time : 22.30 (10.30pm) UK Time/5.30 EST time.

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.30pm UK time here.

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Summer Mod Client Files

This Thursday's games will include the Summer mod.

The Summer mod  is a summer themed mod with all new weapons, sounds and player skins. The mod is made by  and  and incorporates the Monkey Mod. The original idea for the mod was by {GA}Cleopatra.

Some of the features:-

You can play DM, TeamDM and Bagman and new mode 'Capture the Points' in Summer Mod

New weapons - water pistols, nerf gun, crossbow, Kalippo pipe, beach ball launcher, etc

Custom sounds for all the weapons

Spray Paint - You can spray paint walls. Toggle 0 to switch between spray paint and weapons. Press 1 through 8 to select a spray paint colour.

Ammo cart - replaces the pack

Pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and melon - replaces large health packs

Sun Block - replaces the adrenaline

New icons for all pickups

Custom team skins

New console background

Lots of extras for the thug, runt and bitch models (hats, sunglasses, skirts, camera, cigar)

Please note that you don't select which extras you want to use but they are auto assigned depending which model you use.

You can download the Summer Mod v1.00c cleint files from here.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations (kingpin/summer)




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Screens From Sunday's Bagman Game





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Screenshots Of Upcoming Map

is working on a new map for Kingpin:-

I'm toying with a medium to large map (it doesn't look like it, but there's a lot of surface in there). It's set in and around a creepy house; I initially tried to make a whole Victorian manor, but the flow was terrible (especially due to the tower). I took parts of it and kept it smaller. Currently, the house has a first floor, an attic, a cellar and a garden all around. I'm trying to keep it sub 700 wpolys at all time...

Check out some screens here.

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Sunday Game Of Bagman 5th July

***Please note new start time of 9.30pm UK time***

The Sunday game this week will be Bagman on Monkey Harris's UK Newskool Bagman server.

Game details:-

Server : Sunday Bagman
IP :
Date : Sunday 9th July
Time : 21.30 (9.30pm) UK Time\4.30pm EST time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.30pm UK time here.

All welcome to come along.

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Screens From Today's Game Of GunRace Mod



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