Console Categories

This is (unofficial) invented categorization scheme -- I've tried to pick categories that would make it easier to find what you need while maintaining a reasonable list size for each category.  Use the links on the left to quickly access any of the categories, or click on a category name below.  The master list of all commands and variables is, of course, still available, and has been completely revised and updated for the retail version of Kingpin.

Audio commands and variables control the sound system (both in-game and cd-audio).  Anything related to your soundcard or quality settings (that may affect overall performance) is here.

There are just a few.

These commands are those most likely to be bound to keys -- they control your player (and your interface to your player and other players).   Moving, talking to teammates, changing weapons -- those types of commands (and the variables that affect how they work) are all here.

Demo Utilities
Kingpin's built-in demo recording and playback tools make it easy to record single-player or multiplayer action or tricks -- anyone with Kingpin can view demos you record.

These are commands and variables that the vast majority of users will never need to change or even know about.  Unless you're making a mod or your own maps, don't even bother with these. If you are looking for commands to help you debug and perfect your map, this is the place.

Commands and variables related to your joystick (please consider switching to the mouse).  If you insist on using a stick, this section will help you customize your joystick motions and buttons.

These commands and variables are ones you'll probably never use very much (except for quit or exit, of course), but you might find some of them amusing to experiment with.

Commands and variables related to your mouse.   Know them all.

Network and Multiplayer
The most important set of commands and variables I have to offer, except for the Tweaks (which includes many of the commands also listed here). Learn these; bind your favorite settings to keys (or use scripts to cycle through them) and use them to tweak your multiplayer game to the maximum performance level.

Basically a list of things you'll set once and leave alone forever (with the defaults being perfect for most people).

Script Making
These commands are useful for writing scripts.   Note that these are not the only commands you can use in a script -- you can use any console command or variable in a script.  These are the commands that really have no other purpose than script-making.  If you're writing some scripts, be sure to check out the Controls and Net categories too.

Server Options
These commands and variables are mostly used only by those who run servers.  While some of the commands can be executed by clients on a server (i.e. not the host), it's a server operator who is most likely to use these. Note that some of the Net commands and variables also apply to servers.

All of the commands (mostly from the Networking, Audio, and Video categories) that can affect the performance of the game, and a few tools to help you find the best settings for you (such as netgraph, timerefresh, and r_speeds). If you experience slow or chopy video, or high ping and lag in multiplayer, make sure you check all of the commands and variables on this list. Those of you with high-end systems might be interested to try to tweak in the other direction -- to enhance visual quality and special effects (there's usually a trade-off between performance and quality, but the best way to find what you like best is to try them all).

commands that are not categories yet.

The all-important video console variables -- use these to find the best tradeoff between performance and quality and leave them alone. Or, use these to make scripts to change your settings on-the-fly.

FREDZ | Thursday 03 March 2016 - 17:05
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