Console Server Options

Use these commands and variables in the console or a config file to completely customize Kingpin, troubleshoot problems with video or sound hardware, optimize performance, or make your own scripts. If you don't know how to get to the console, please read this.

Select the complete list (handy for searching for keywords using your browser, or for looking up a command or variable alphabetically), or any of the categorized lists from the links over to the left.

Variables are listed with their default values. Commands are listed without values, but some may have <required arguments> and/or [optional arguments], see the descriptions for valid arguments or values. If none are specified, it's a boolean variable, meaning it can be on (1) or off (0). Note that many video and sound changes will not take effect until you restart the video or sound system with vid_restart or snd_restart respectively.

The flags on some variables have the following meanings:
- (dash) command-line parameters - these variables can only be changed by loading the game with 'kingpin.exe +set variable value', they will not work if entered directly into the console.
+ set variable value', they will not work if entered directly into the console.
* saved variables - changes to these variables are saved between games by writing them to Kingpin/Main/config.cfg
S server variables - will be listed in the output of a serverinfo command
U user variables - will be listed in the output of a userinfo command
L locked variables - changes will not take effect until the map changes

Server Options:

Command arguments
- or -
Variable default value
cashlimit 0 set amount of cash one team must get to change to the next map [Flags: S]
dm_locational_damage 1 enable locational damage in multiplayer mode (different damage for head, torso, leg hits) [Flags: *]
dmflags 784 deathmatch settings, contains the sum of ALL the active optionns' values: 1=no health, 2=no powerups, 4=weapons stay, 8=no fall damage, 16=instand powerups, 32=same map, 64=teams by skin, 128=teams by model, 256=no friendly fire, 512=spawn farthest, 1024=force respawn, 2048=no armor, 4096=allow exit, 8192=infinite ammo, 16384=quad drop, 32768=fixed FOV (no zoom) [Flags: *S]
dumpuser <userid> display information on a user (client connected to the server), shows all 'U' variables with values
filterban 1 enable the banlist (0=only allow ip addresses in list to join, 1=only allow ip addresses NOT in list to join)
flood_msgs 4 set the number of messages a player must send (in flood_persecond time) to be considered flooding
flood_persecond 4 set the time (in seconds) that a player can send flood_msgs before being considered to be flooding
flood_waitdelay 10 set the time (in seconds) that a player cannot send any messages after flooding
fraglimit 0 the score that will cause a map change when any player achieves it [Flags: S]
gamemap <map> restart (or start) a server running the indicated map (map.bsp)
heartbeat send a heartbeat signal to master server
host_speeds 0 display server timing info (sv=server, gm=game, cl=client, rf=renderer)
hostname set the server name (what appears in server browser lists) [Flags: *S]
killserver shut down the server (server op only), but do not exit console (useful for changing mods remotely)
log_stats 0 enable logging of map statistics
logfile 0 enable console message logging (0=off, 1=buffered log, overwritten on server restart, 2=continuous log, overwritten on server restart, 3=continuous log, appended (never overwritten)
map <file> load a map (.bsp assumed if no extension on file), a demo (if .dm2 extentsion used), or a picture (if .pcx or .tga extension used)
maxclients 1 set maximum number of clients that can play on the server at any one time [Flags: SL]
maxentities 2048 set maximum number of entities allowed on a map [Flags: L]
password "" set server password required for clients to join the server (none or "" disables password) [Flags: U]
public 1 enable listing server in the master server list (for server browsers to find, see setmaster)
rcon [password] <command> execute a command on a server remotely (from a client). If the variable rcon_password is set to the same password as the server, the password can be omitted. Example: rcon password "map kpdm1"
rcon_address "" set address to send rcon commands
rcon_password "" set the remote console (rcon) password
serverinfo display server information (contents of all S-flagged variables), server admins can make their own S variables (see set command) to report more info to server browsers. Commonly used additional S variables are: admin, email, location.
setmaster <ip1> [ip2] . . . set the ip address(es) of the master server lists (up to 7 allowed) to register this server with (so it will appear in server browsers) -- if no ip give, will register with the default masterserver
status list the server current map, and for each client list: user#, frags, name, frame rate, frame latency, ping, drop %
sv <command> execute a server command (only from rcon or server console), even hacked (added) commands. Examples: addip adds an ip address to the banlist, listip lists addresses on the banlist, remove removes an address from the banlist, writeip writes the banlist to listip.cfg
sv_enforcetime 0 enable enforcing time synchronization between the server and clients
sv_gravity 800 set server world gravity (lower is less gravity, higher jumps, etc.)
sv_maxvelocity 2000 set the maximum velocity for any moving object on the server
sv_noreload 0 disable reloading of all game data on map changes (1 may kick players, slow map changes)
sv_reconnect_limit 3 set maximum number of times a client may reconnect to the server [Flags: *]
sv_rollangle 0 set maximum roll angle (unused)
sv_rollspeed 200 set maximum roll speed (unused)
sv_runscale 1.0 set movement speed scaling factor
teamplay 0 enable teamplay mode in multiplayer (i.e. bagman) [Flags: L]
timelimit 0 set the time (in minutes) between server map changes (assuming cashlimit is not attained first) [Flags: S]
timeout 125 set the number of seconds to wait for ectivity before disconnecting
userinfo display client information, including all U-flagged variables and their values
zombietime 2 set time (in minutes) before a frozen player is dropped from the server

FREDZ | Friday 11 March 2016 - 18:24
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