Console Preferences

Use these commands and variables in the console or a config file to completely customize Kingpin, troubleshoot problems with video or sound hardware, optimize performance, or make your own scripts. If you don't know how to get to the console, please read this.

Select the complete list (handy for searching for keywords using your browser, or for looking up a command or variable alphabetically), or any of the categorized lists from the links over to the left.

Variables are listed with their default values. Commands are listed without values, but some may have <required arguments> and/or [optional arguments], see the descriptions for valid arguments or values. If none are specified, it's a boolean variable, meaning it can be on (1) or off (0). Note that many video and sound changes will not take effect until you restart the video or sound system with vid_restart or snd_restart respectively.

The flags on some variables have the following meanings:
- (dash) command-line parameters - these variables can only be changed by loading the game with 'kingpin.exe +set variable value', they will not work if entered directly into the console.
+ set variable value', they will not work if entered directly into the console.
* saved variables - changes to these variables are saved between games by writing them to Kingpin/Main/config.cfg
S server variables - will be listed in the output of a serverinfo command
U user variables - will be listed in the output of a userinfo command
L locked variables - changes will not take effect until the map changes


Command arguments
- or -
Variable default value
bob_pitch 0.002 set amount view bobs up and down while moving
bob_roll 0.002 set amount view rolls left and right while moving
bob_up 0.005 set amount of time before moving makes the view bob and roll
cam_dist 45 set chase-cam distance behind player (see togglecam, cam_*) [Flags: *]
cam_pos display chase-cam position coordinates (see togglecam, cam_*)
cam_speed 5 set chase-cam tracking speed (see togglecam, cam_*) [Flags: *]
cam_zofs 30 set chase-cam height above player (see togglecam, cam_*) [Flags: *]
cl_bloodtime 10 set time before blood splats disappear (lower, or 0 may increase FPS) [Flags: *]
cl_captions 1 enable voice captions in single-player cutscenes [Flags: *]
cl_fireworks 3 enable fireworks (special effects) display, 0 - 3, higher is prettier and slower [Flags: *]
cl_footsteps 1 enable footstep sounds
cl_forwardspeed 160 set maximum forward or backward movement speed (cannot exceed server max)
cl_gun 1 enable display of the player gun model (set to 0 to increase FPS a bit)
cl_run 1 enable always-run mode (hold +speed key to walk) [Flags: *]
cl_sidespeed 160 set maximum sideways (strafing) movement speed (max not exceed server max)
cl_upspeed 200 set speed for moving up and down (may not exceed server max)
con_autosize 0 enable console autosizing
con_highres 0 enable high-resolution console text [Flags: *]
con_notifytime 3 set time console messages stay on screen
con_scale 1 set scale multiplier for con_highres [Flags: *]
crosshair 1 enable crosshairs (0=off; 1, 2, 3 = different crosshair types) [Flags: *]
graphheight 32 set graph heights (such as netgraph)
graphscale 1 set graph vertical scale (such as netgraph)
graphshift 0 set graph vertical offset (such as netgraph)
gun_x -3 set player gun model x-coordinate
gun_y 0 set player gun model y-coordinate
gun_z 3 set player gun model z-coordinate
hand 0 set player handedness (0=right, 1=left, 2=center but no gun model shown) [Flags: *U]
hud toggle through heads-up-display types
hudguys 1 enable display of players on HUD [Flags: *]
hudtalk 1 enable display of talk icons on the HUD [Flags: *]
msg 1 enable message display (0=all, 1=most, 2=some, 3=few, 4=no messages) [Flags: *U]
props 1 enable in-game props (0 may increase FPS in single-player) [Flags: *]
run_pitch 0.002 set amount player view tilts up and down while moving
run_roll 0.005 set amount player view tilts side-to-side while moving
scr_centertime 2.5 set time duration that messages will stay in the center of the screen
scr_conspeed 3 set the console opening/closing speed
scr_drawall 0 enable extended character set display on the console
scr_hud 2 set hud type (0=off, 1=partial, 2=full) see HUD
scr_printspeed 8 set the console scroll speed
scr_showpause 1 enable the "pause" screen display
scr_showturtle 0 enable the slow-framerate warning icon
verbose 0 enable verbose messages [Flags: *]

FREDZ | Friday 11 March 2016 - 18:21
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