Bunny hopping

So, you want to learn how Bunny hop, or as it should be known, Strafe jump...

First up, go to the console in Kingpin and type rate 7000 if this setting does not stay next time you open kingpin, the easiest way to make sure it does is to open up the file: /kingpin/main/config.cfg in notepad and find the line that says "rate "xxxx"" and change this value to 7000.

I personally use fov 120, though you may find this unplayable (so did I at first, but it is now so much easier than fov 90) If you're not sure what this means, go into the console and type fov 120. Incidentally, fov = field of view. FOV settings are not essential, but help you to see walls, and corner more easily. OK that said there's no computer reason why you can't bunny hop, so here we go.

What is Bunny Hopping (BH)?

BH is accelerated movement by means of constantly jumping using a strafe key. After 3 - 8 jumps, you will be travelling at approximately 2 to 4 times fast than a normal run, though speeds much faster than this can be achieved in different ways (eg slopes, being shot from behind, etc etc).

Why Bunny hop?

BH gives you the ability to get away from situations, to reach places faster, and to reach places you cannot normally jump to. For example, on KPDM2 on the walkway, you can get up speed by BH and make the jump across to the hmg roof with ease. This can be done in a single strafe jump, though this is (arguably) more difficult.

Is Bunny Hopping Cheating?

This is a contraversial topic, and in some games BH is considered to be a cheat. In Kingpin however, it is considered a useful skill. I believe that if you have to teach someone how to do something that they do not need any external scripting for then there's a strong case for it not being a cheat. Bunny hopping is similar in many respects to double jumping, single strafe jumps, and even rocket jumps to an extent. Just as these are useful skills (with possile drawbacks) so is BH.

How do I Bunny Hop?

Here's the nitty gritty of BH. There are in fact two different methods for BH. One involves never touching forwards, the other relies on it. I will deal only with the one without forwards initially, as I believe it gives you a greater manouvrability, though the argument about speed difference is as yet unresolved.

The first jump is all important. You have to run forwards, press strafe (and hold it) and jump. In mid air. Release the forwards key and dont touch it again. At any time you must have one and only one of the strafe keys pressed down. The jump timing is important - practise this so there is NO delay between landing and the next jump. The mouse is used to speed you up and also to take corners. The mouse must move in the same direction that you are strafing. It is the movement when you are near the floor that speeds you up.

The best way to start is by going around in a circle, for example around the pillar at the rocket launcher on KPDM5. Keep practising this, putting into practice what I've said above. When you can go fast around the pillar (you will know when you are doing it) try shooting off down one of the corridors. When you can take the corner at the end of the corridor, you're pretty much ready. You will get used to starting - but it does take practice.

Have fun, and any problems, ICQ me 6871725368717253 specifying that it's Bunny hopping related



FREDZ | Sunday 28 February 2016 - 22:59
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