Information for New Players

If you have just bought Kingpin from Steam or GoG etc you maybe looking around to see what is available to enhance your game experience.

Higher Screen Resolution Patches that includes many other bug fixes and features
If you want to play in a higher resolution than the kingpin default, fix a number of bugs, and add some other improvements then get one of these patches:-

Monkey Harris Kingpin Patch
Check the readme for comprehensive information.
No files are modified by the patch, so it works with all Kingpin (v1.21) releases, including the Steam version.
The WSOCK32.DLL file is the patch that gets loaded by Kingpin and PATCHCFG.EXE is a configuration app for the patch.
Both files should be put in your Kingpin directory.

The Kingpin Multi Patch by Captain Death works for all versions except the Steam version.
This contains a screen resolution patch and many other patches. For more information and a download link go to Captain Death's page here -

Single Player maps
Once you finish the single player campaign and you feel that you want to play some more then there are many custom single player episodes made for Kingpin that you can try.

Nightwork at the Factory - a massive single player campaign 10 years in the making
Kingpin: Final Crime - the unofficial sequel to Kingpin
House of Death parts 1 and 2 - Classic episode set in a haunted house.
Wheelbarrow created a single player story that spanned five episodes (Funeral, The Chase, Gulag, Reprisal, Santuary)
KillSpree - a very short episode

Plus many others. Check them all out here - ... le_player/

Check the readmes for install instructions.

The singleplayer is good but where Kingpin really shines is the multiplayer game.
All you need is a kingpin server browser so you can find servers to play online.

**Please note - The Monkey Harris Kingpin patch puts all the current Kingpin servers in the Gangbang menu (just look in Join Network Server)***

Otherwise you can use a Kingpin server browser. There are three server browsers - the updated Gamespylite, Hypo Game Browser and [M] Kingpin Server Browser.

Just extract the kingpinspylite.exe file to your Kingpin/Gamespy folder (it will overwrite the original one).
Some versions of Kingpin don't include Gamespylite so if you don't have a kingpin/gamespy folder just create one and extract the file to there.

You can download the latest version of Gamespylite from here -

M-Browser by [M] is a Kingpin server browser that is independent from qtracker or gamespy, so it works even when those are down.
Check out the readme in the zipfile for install instructions and a list of all the features.

You can get the latest version from his [M] Kingpin Server List page here -

We also host it at here -
[M]'s Server Browser

Hypo Game Browser
You can download the latest version of Hypo Game Browser from here -
Hypo Game Browser

Multiplayer Games
Currently we have games on Thursdays and Sundays starting at 9.30pm UK time.
You are more than welcome to come join us.
You can use the WorldClock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.30pm UK time -

You will also find a few people playing at other times most days or you can play against bots in the Luschen Botmatch server (

Multiplayer Maps and other Files
As you can imagine there are many multiplayer maps available for Kingpin as well as many player models and thousands of player skins.
You can download these from the servers but that is time consuming so you can download some of them from here:-

Map packs for servers

Bagman map pack
This map pack includes all known Bagman maps that have been released up til April 2020 and is 380mb.
Bagman map pack

Death Match map pack
This map pack includes most of the death match maps currently rotating on the servers. It was last updated in April 2020 and is 265mg.
death match map pack

Just unzip all the above files to your kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location.

Popular Player Models
There is a pack available that contains all known player models and all the custom skins for these models. It is 225mb.
All custom models and skins

Or if you only want to grab a few of the more popular player models:-
Beavis and Butthead
Mr Burns
The Mask
Homer Simpson
Andy Capp

Again just unzip all files to your kingpin folder

Thug, Runt and Bitch  skins
There is a pack available with most thug, runt and bitch skins:-
Monster Skins Pack

Check the enclosed readme for install instructions.

Some Popular Mod Files

Capture the Flag                       
Crash Squad

Kingpin Websites news and resource site
M's Kingpin Server List & Chat Room

Kingpin Facebook Groups
Kingpin: Life of Crime -

Kinpin: LOC,  Back to the Past -

Kinpin Discord Channel -

Mr.Damage | Monday 19 February 2018 - 14:58
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