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  • Another New Halloween Map
    Killa has made a Halloween version of the Team Chill Bagman map. It's a small map that features jump pads so you can fly to the other teams base or you can go below ground
  • Screens of Upcoming Bagman Map
    Killa is currently working on a new Bagman map for Kingpin called Team Gallery. It's a nice reimagining of the old Team Art map. It's currently in beta.
  • Xmas Crash Mod
    Fredz , Captain Death , and Killa have created a Christmas version of the Crash Squad Mod. It's like the normal Crash mod but with an Xmas theme. Hopefully we will have th
  • New Xmas Mod Maps On Way
    Killa is currently updating two old death maps maps for use with the Xmas mod. The original DM maps are Area51 and Voodoo Generation DM2 . Here are some screens of the upc
  • New Halloween Maps Added To Client Files
    I have updated the Halloween Client Files to include all the latest maps (so there is a total of 44 maps in the client files now). The very latest map are :- An updated ve
  • Upcoming Mod - Killa Mod
    As previously mentioned there are two new mods on hte way. One of them is the Killa mod. This one is a capture and hold mod like Power2 but is more squad based. It will in
  • Two New Crash Mod Maps
    Killa has now taken two of his Crash mod maps out of beta. He has converted KPDM2 and KPDM3 to the Crash mod bombing scenario. You can download the maps from here:- Indust
  • Killa's Maps Uploaded
    There were several maps by Killa that we didn't have at kingpin.info so I have uplaoded them all.  Deathmatch Chill beta2 Terra Firma beta4 Butler's Gunrace beta1 Bagman T
  • New GunRace Mod Video
    Killa has released a second GunRace mod video from one of our recent games. You can see all the videos Killa has made from our weekly games here.
  • Halloween Mod Update
    Here are some screens from some of the maps that have been remade by  Killa , plus one remake and a new map by me, for the soon to be released Haloween mod.
  • Halloween Mod Update
    Fredz has been tweaking the Halloween mod. He has been updating the bats that are fired by the Rocket Launcher and tweaking a few other things. Killa has converted 5 or 6
  • Betas Of Two New Bagman Maps
    Killa has released new betas of two Bagman Maps. They are Team Terra Firma b11 and Team Ships Ahoy b4. You can grab them from here:- Team Terra Firma b12 Team Ships Ahoy b
  • Screens Of Beta Bagman Map
    Killa is currently remaking an old Bagman map called Team Desert Battle which was converted to Kingpin by Fredz . Here are soem screens from the current beta. You can help
  • New Crash Beta Maps
    Killa has modified the KPDM2 and KPDM3 maps to work in the Crash Mod as bombing scenario maps. They are in beta status at the moment and will be tested at this week's Thur
  • Screenshots Of Upcoming Bagman Map
    Killa is currently working on a new Bagman map called Team Terra Firma. It's based on the central area of Team Rival but it has been changed considerably and lots has been
  • Killa's Gameplay Video
    Killa has released his latest gameplay video. This one is of two games in October that features both hitmen and bagman play. Chck it out and see the big crowds we have bee
  • New Bagman Map - Team Commotion
    Killa has now released his first map for Kingpin. It's a Bagman map called Team Commotion. Team Commotion is a small Bagman map where the setting is a mirrored version of
  • Latest Gameplay Video
    Here is Killa's latest gameplay video from the Bagman game on April 10th.
  • Videos Link
    Fredz has set up a Videos page where all the game videos that Killa creates are featured. If you look in the Menu box you will see the new Videos button. There are current
  • Sunday Night Countdown
    If you look in the Menu window you will see it now contains a Sunday Night countdown. This is the time until the next Sunday night game. If you click on the time it will t
  • Sunday Night Death Match
    This weeks game on the Luschen server is going to be Death Match. As I always say the games are very informal with the emphasis on having fun while playing some KP. Detail
  • YouTube Video Of Game At Luschen DM Server
    Killa has been working hard and has uploaded a video he created of the Sunday Night game at the Luschen Death Match server two Sundays ago. As you can see from the video t

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