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  • Acc's New Map In Beta
    As I posted recently Acc is converting one of the maps from his Barren Meadow single player campaign to death match and the Halloween mod. The map is called Insides Out is
  • Screens Of Upcoming DM/Halloween Map
    acc is currently converting one of the maps from his single player mission Barron Meadow to death match and Halloween mod. Here are some WIP screens.
  • Three Most Recent Thug Skins
    Here are the three most recent thug skins that have been released. Serious Sam - It's the famous computer game character Serious Sam. Made by Dirty Dog You can download th
  • Barren Meadow Single Player Mission Updated
    acc has released a patch for his horror themed Barren Meadow single player mission. "Fixes compatibility issues with the base game, tweaks a few maps, fixes the rushed end
  • Barren Meadow Lets Play Video
    EmoLevelDesigner has released a Lets Play video for the new single player mission by acc called Barren Meadow.
  • New Single Player Mission Released - Barren Meadow
    acc has now released his Barren Meadow single player mission. In his own words:- I just released a small horror-themed single-player mod called Barren Meadow. It features
  • More Screens Of Upcoming SP Episode By Acc
    acc has nearly finish his horror themed single player mission and it should be released very soon. He has now added the following gun mods to his mission:- Added pistol ac
  • More Screens Of Upcoming Single Player Mission
    More screens of acc 's upcoming, horror themed, single player mission for Kingpin.
  • New Single Player Mission On Way
    acc is currently working on a new single player mission for Kingpin. It has a horror theme and is about a blind satanic cult. It's mainly set around an old mansion, cemeta
  • New Thug Skin By Acc
    acc has reelased a new skin for the thug model. This one is  a prison inmate wearing an orange jump suit. You can download Inmate from  here. Just unzip all the file to yo
  • Update On Acc's Upcoming Single Player Mission
    Information from  Acc on his upcoming Creepy House SP mission:- Still (slowly) working on it, I swear. New gang will have custom skins (all done for thug, some for runt, n
  • Screenshots Of Upcoming Map
    Acc is working on a new map for Kingpin:- I'm toying with a medium to large map (it doesn't look like it, but there's a lot of surface in there). It's set in and around a
  • Def and FGD Updated
    I have updated the Def and FGD ( F orge G ame D ata) files for Kingpin. Those are entites files for Map editors in Kingpin. Most people that making maps where using whoop_
  • New Deathmatch Map - Cradle To Grave
    Acc has released a new death match map called Cradle to Grave. This one is a conversion of the first level of the game Blood that was designed by James Wilson. The map fea
  • Painskin Generator
    Acc has created another small utility that generates pain skins for every body part for thug, runt and bitch. The zipfile contains the utility, a readme on how to use it a
  • UpDated Mapping Tool
    Hypov8 has worked with  Acc to create a new mapping tool for Kingpin. This tool will allow lighting in maps to appear as it is intended to look. It also converts everythin
  • Beta Of New Bagman Map
    After getting a suggestion from Elfor Acc has released a beta of a Bagman version of his Dark Woods Shrine map. The map contains 16 spawn points per team and is pretty hug
  • New Death Match Map by Acc
    Acc has released a new death match map for Kingpin called Raw Meat. It is a conversion of the map from Duke Nukem 3D. It is a largish map set in and around a sushi bar. It
  • Acc's New Quake2 Converter Tool
    Elfor let me know that  Acc has created a little tool that automatically converts entities in Quake 2 maps to Kingpin entities. Entities are things such as weapons, armour
  • Jackbot Video
    Acc has posted a video on Youtube of his new Jackbot multiplayer bots. The video focuses on movement - jumping, crouching, grabbing the best gun etc. Check out his forum t
  • More News On New Multiplayer Bot
    Acc has posted a small update about progress on his new Jackboot multiplayer bot. You can check it out here.
  • New Bot For Kingpin
    Acc is working on a new multiplayer bot for Kingpin. He has called it Jackbot and it's based on the ACE bot source code. He is still in the early stages and there is a lot
  • New Death Match Map Released
    Acc has released his conversion of the classic Duke Nukem level called Hollywood Holocaust. He had to make a few changes due to the difference in phsysics between the two
  • New Duke Nukem Skin For Thug Model
    To go along with his upcoming Hollywood Holocaust death match map Acc has released a new Duke Nukem skin for the thug model. The zipfile for this one is called dukeclassic
  • Screenshots Of Upcoming Map
    Acc is currently in the process of converting the Hollywood Holocaust map from Duke Nukem 3D to Kingpin. Checkout screenshots here .
  • Build Map Converter Update
    Acc has been doing a lot of work on his Build to Quake Map Converter program. New stuff! There's been so much rewriting of the code (yet there's still so much more to go),
  • Latest Build Map Converter Uploaded
    Fredz has uploaded the most recent version of Acc 's Build Map Converter. It is an utility program which allows you to convert Build Games' maps to Kingpin. Games include 
  • Build Map Converter Update
    Acc is still working on his Build Map Converter utility program which allows you to convert Build Games' maps to Kingpin. Games include Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior and B
  • Last Minute Christmas Present - New Map
    Acc has released a new Christmas themed death match map called Christmas Rush. It is a medium sized map set in a shopping mall (or chopping mall as he calls it) that is cl
  • Beta3 Of Build Map Converter Released
    Acc has released beta3 of his Build Map Converter utility program which allows converting of Build Games' maps to Kingpin. Games like Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior and Blo
  • Converting Build Engine Game Maps
    We host a couple of programs that help you convert Build engine game maps. Games that use the Build engine include Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage and Blood. Y
  • Mapping Tool
    We used to host Acc's KPCheck mapping tool at Kingpinforever but it got lost in one of the crashes. I found it again and have uploaded it. It's a handy little tool that wi
  • Thug And Runt Skins By Acc
    As well as making three maps for Kingpin ( Banmonorc was here , Total Overdose , and Carney Park ) acc  has also made a thug head and a runt body with three heads.  Cesar
  • New Deathmatch Map - Carney Park
    acc has released a new DM map called Carney Park. It's a small arena-style deathmatch map set in snow-covered Carney Park.  You can download it from here.

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