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  • Godfather Mod Update
    Hypov8 has updated the Godfather mod to version 2.0 beta 2. The latest version has some minor fixes and now has a Linux version :) The new version is currently running on
  • MH Kingpin Patch
    There are many features of the unofficial Kingpin patch made by Monkey Harris . It has heaps of fixes and tweaks, allows for custom resolutions, adds some visual options a
  • Killapin Mod V1.0 Released
    Monkey Harris has released v1.0 of the Killapin Mod. Killapin mod is a 3 player team based mod. A good playable 3 team game will be easily achieved with a server of 12 pla
  • New Crash Squad Mod Client Files - V06
    Monkey Harris has released new client files for the Crash mod (beta 0.6). They contain new team skins for the Crash Squad and Crenshaw Mafia teams by DirtyDog and a new Gr
  • Crash Mod Server Files Updated To V06
    Monkey Harris has released v06 server files for the Crash Mod for both Linux and Windows. v06 features many bug fixes and improvements:- Next map voting during intermissio
  • Newskool Server News
    Due to some recent network issues Monkey Harris has temporarily moved the Newskool server to a new ISP in Germany. So the ping for UK and USA players will be slightly high
  • Thursday Game Of Death Match & GunRace Mod 12th March
    The Thursday Games this week will be split between Death Match and the GunRace Mod.   Monkey Harris has included a new random mode in the Monkey Mod (like in the new Kill
  • New Kill Confirmed Mod Server
    Monkey Harris has set up a new Kill Confirmed Mod server. Server details:- Server : Newskool Kill Confirmed server IP : Maxclients : 24 You can downl
  • New Bagman Map On Way
    I am currently putting the finishing touches on a new Bagman map called Team Overpass. It is a remake/rebuild of the old death match map Overpass v2 by  Monkey Harris I ho
  • Xmas Mod Server Files Updated To v1.62
    Monkey Harris has released ver1.62 of the Xmas Mod server files for both Windows and Linux. Changes are:- - New fairytime cvar to set how many seconds fairies can fly befo
  • Halloween Server Files Updated
    Monkey Harris has updated the Halloween server files, for both Windows and Linux, to v1.01. It's a minor update with the changes being:- - Support for latest kpded2 geoip
  • New Monkey Mod Features
    We are lucky that Monkey Harris is still updating the Monkey Mod and adding new features.  The latest new features are a great looking updated map voting screen and also o
  • Five Newskool Servers Added To 333Networks
    Monkey Harris has added five of his Newskool Kingpin servers to the 333Networks master server website. 333Networks If anyone is thinking of running a server and wants it t
  • Custom DM Server Up Ready For Thursday Game
    Monkey Harris has set up the custom death match server ready for the game on Thursday. So if you want to grab the pak1 file ahead of time (it onyl takes 15 - 20 seconds to
  • Kingpin Servers Added To 333Networks
    Thanks to  [M] and  Monkey Harris the Luschen Server are now listed at 333Networks. 333Networks is an online server browser site for multiple games. It aims to replace Gam
  • Xmas Mod V1.61 Source Files Released
    Monkey Harris has released the source code for v1.61 of the Xmas Mod. You can grab the files from here.
  • Another Halloween Mod Update
    Monkey Harris is now helping out with the mod. Al0 has created a great new Mummy skin for the mod. Elfor has created a nice looking custom background for the mod.
  • New Crash Squad Mod Client Files
    Monkey Harris has released new client files for the Crash mod (beta 0.5). You can download them from here. Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.
  • Hitmen Linux Updated
    Monkey Harris has updated the Linux version of the Hitmen mod to now work with the Enhanced Server Files (kpded2). So you can now run public servers and have all the benef
  • V1.60 Xmas Mod Server Files released
    Monkey Harris has released the Xmas Mod v1.60 Server files for both Windows and Linux. There are a heap of fixes and updates which you can read about in the included histo
  • New XMAS Mod V1.60 Client Files Released
    Monkey Harris has released v1.60 of the XMAS Mod client files. The new version includes more new Christmas themed taunts, music, weapon sounds, and a multitude of other ad
  • Updated Monkey Harris Kingpin Patch
    Monkey Harris has released a new version of his Kingpin patch. A lot has changed since the last release, including:- support for Windows 10, support for hi-res textures, a
  • Monkey Harris Patch News
    Monkey Harris let me know that he is working on an update for his Monkey Harris Kingpin Patch. The update will be mainly graphical tweaks. More news as it comes to hand :)
  • Updated Bagman Map
    The girls don't really appreciate the Art Erotique Bagman map like the guys do so Monkey Harris has created an amended version just for them. In the revised version all th
  • Crash Squad Mod V04 Server Files Released
    Monkey Harris has released v04 servver files for the Crash Mod for both Linux and Windows. V04 features bug fixes and improvements. You can read all aboutthe changes in he
  • CRASH Squad Mod News
    Lots of news about the Crash Squad mod. Monkey Harris has been updating the mod. I have uploaded the Crash Squad Documentation to Kingpin Info so you can view it online. M
  • New Kingpin Patch By Monkey Harris
    Monkey Harris has released a new patch for Kingpin. This is a patch for Kingpin that fixes a number of bugs , and adds some other improvements too (see the readme). No fil
  • KPDED2 Files Updated
    Monkey Harris  has released an updated version of the KPDED2 files for windows and Linux. The update adds support for faster downloading and also a new "sv_download_precac
  • Monkey Mod v2.0 Released
    Monkey Harris has released a new version of the Monkey Mod. The latest version is v2.0. There are many changes and improvements which can be viewed here. One of the major
  • New KPDEd2 File Released
    Monkey Harris has released a new KPDED2 file. This basically allows you to run dedicated public servers. In your server shortcut you just replace the kingpin.exe with the
  • Another New USA Kingpin Server
    Monkey Harris has now set up another Kingpin server in the USA. This one is Team Deathmatch and rotates both custom and standard maps. It has electable admin so you can ch
  • XMAS Mod Being Updated
    Currently Monkey Harris and Fredz are working on updating the XMAS mod to v1.5. Changes so far are:- - Upgraded mod to monkey mod 2.0 thanks to Monkey Harris - Added some
  • New USA Kingpin Server
    Monkey Harris has set up a new Bagman server running out of the USA. Hopefully this will lead to more players from the USA playing again. It's running the same maps as the
  • 1872 Death Match map Updated
    Monkey Harris has amended the 1872 death match map and added the theme music from the Benny Hill Show. The new map is called 1872 Benny. 1872 is the same map as 1873 excep
  • Screenshot From The Vault
    Monkey Harris sent in a screenshot from the 2000-2001 period. It contains a few names long term players will probably know.
  • More Demos Added
    Monkey Harris has sent in  a zipfile full of demos that are about trick jumps. From Monkey Harris:- I noticed you have some jump demos in the kp.info download section. In
  • Rocket Arena Death Match Map
    Now that Monkey Harris has added a rocket mode to the latest Monkey Mod I thought it would be a good time to post about this older map called Rocket Arena. Rocket Arena, b
  • New CTF Map - CTF Bricktobrick
    Monkey Harris  asked if it was possible to convert the popular Bagman map Team BricktoBrick , by Sonik , to the CTF mod. Team Bricktobrick is an excellent little map by So
  • Monkey Mod Update
    Monkey Harris is currently working on a further update for the Money Mod which he is currently testing on the Newskool servers. There are several nice little imrovements.
  • New Monkey Mod Server Files Released
    Monkey Harris , who created the original Monkey Mod, has released a new version of the Monkey Mod server files for Windows and Linux. These are v1.53. Changes are:- Change

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