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  • New Death Match Map - No Mercy
    A remake of the Rooftop Finale map from the No Mercy campaign in L4D by Mr Damage & Hypov8. No Mercy is a large map set on the rooftop of a large hospital. Most of the act
  • Summer Mod Released
    The Summer Mod 1.00b beta has been released. The Summer mod   is a summer themed mod with all new weapons, sounds and player skins. The mod is made by  Fredz ,  Hypov8 and
  • Halloween Mod Client Files Released
    The client files for the new Halloween mod have just been released. They contain the actual Halloween client files and all maps that will be used by the mod. The major fea
  • YouTube Video Of Bitch Skin Being Made
    Al0 has uploaded a video to Youtube of a live stream he did of him working on a new bitch mummy skin that will be used in the Halloween mod. You will see from the videop h
  • Another Halloween Mod Update
    Monkey Harris is now helping out with the mod. Al0 has created a great new Mummy skin for the mod. Elfor has created a nice looking custom background for the mod.

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