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  • Two Updated DM Maps
    Elfor has made alternative, gloomy texture edits for the two recently released Wild West maps dm_ol & team_tehc which I converted to Kingpin. Among the darker textures it
  • Two Recent Map Updated
    Elfor has resized the recent maps jpnctf1_kp (CTF) and team_jpnctf1 (Bagman) to better suit the scale of Kingpin. The original maps were converted from Soldier of Fortune
  • ref_gl patch
    ref_gl patch to Increased drawing distance by 2(maximum) settings. Thx for elfor for suggestion. Left picture is new situation and right is old situation without patch. It
  • Latest Version Of BSPCompiler Uploaded
    Elfor has submitted the latest version of BSPCompiler. This is a tool for mappers that allows maps to be decompiled from .bsp to .map format. Download BSPCompiler from her
  • New Crash Mod Map - Dust Dark Winter
    Elfor has done some editing/converting and bought us a Dark Winter version of the Dust map for the Crash Mod. It involved converting the Dark Winter textures from counter-
  • GamesMaster Kingpin Review
    Elfor sent me a Kingpin review from the September 1999 edition of GamesMaster PC Games magazine. It's a two page review and they give Kingpin a score of 89% You can grab t
  • New Death Match Map - Whatever...
    Elfor 's favorite SiN deathmatch map has been converted to Kingpin. Whatever has been converted previously but this version is a straight conversion from SiN so uses all t
  • New Kill Confirmed/Death Match Map - Shipment Remake
    This is a remake of the popular Shipment map from CoD MW2 by Mr Damage. The map is made for the new Kill Confirmed mod but can be used with normal DM and any DM style mod
  • New Luschen Botmatch MapPack
    Elfor and I have put together a complete mappack and player model pack for the Luschen Botmatch and Luschen GunRace+bots servers. The new pack contains all 332 maps curren
  • New Kingpin Server Browser
    Elfor let me know aobut a new server browser for Kingpin. It's a simple server browser that just goes into your Kingpin folder and doesn't require any configuring. Based o
  • Mapping Tool .Wal to .TGA Converter Updated
    Elfor  has updated the wal2tga mapping tool. Wal2tga   is a tool that converts textures in .wal files to the Kingpin .tga format. So its good for converting Quake 2 textur
  • Skypaint Skyybox Editor
    Elfor sent me Skypaint which is a paint tool used for viewing, creating & editing 3D, seamless, 360° panoramic images or skyboxes/environment files for maps. You can downl
  • More PC Game Mags/Articles Uploaded
    Elfor sent links to more old PC Game Magazines that contain Kingpin articles and Fredz  has uploaded them and also separated the Kingpin articles. Gaming World Oct. 1999 F
  • Kingpin Review From PC Zone June 1999
    Elfor sent me a link to the June 1999 issue of PC Zone. They dedicated the cover to Kingpin and did an in depth review of the game as well (starting on page 76). On thing
  • New Crosshairs By Elfor
    Elfor has created a new set of crosshairs which were inspired by the crosshairs in the old Die Hard 2 Amiga Game. You can grab the new crosshairs from here. Just extract/u
  • v1.21 Patch In Zip Format
    Elfor sent in the v1.21 Kingpin patch in a zipfile. So we now host the exe version and a zipfile version. You only need the v1.21 patch if you are installing the original
  • Halloween Mod Client Files Released
    The client files for the new Halloween mod have just been released. They contain the actual Halloween client files and all maps that will be used by the mod. The major fea
  • Another Halloween Mod Update
    Monkey Harris is now helping out with the mod. Al0 has created a great new Mummy skin for the mod. Elfor has created a nice looking custom background for the mod.
  • Female Sydney Player Model Updated
    There were some issues with the Female Sydney model where some of her weapon skins didn't show up in game. Elfor has fixed those issues and put together a new zipfile for
  • New Map-Pack For Co-op Maps
    Elfor has put a map-pack together containing all the custom co-op maps that run on the Luschen co-op server. Just in case you don't know co-op is playing the singleplayer
  • Replacement Footsteps Sounds
    Elfor has created a pak file with replacement footstep sounds:- the one thing bothering about kp were the the footsteps, so here are nicer ones Download the replacement fo
  • More Custom Skies
    Elfor has ported some custom skies from Duke Nukem to Kingpin for use by mappers. You can download the new skies from here. Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin fo
  • Even More Custom Crosshairs
    Elfor  has converted all the crosshairs from the game Dusk for Kingpin. The zipfile contains four different sets of three crosshairs. It probably easiest to just extract/u
  • A New Console Background
    Elfor  has created another new custom console background for Kingpin. This one uses a background image from a Quake client called Quakespasm. The console background is in
  • RioTZ Mod
    RioTZ is a mod that doesn't get much attention really. It's been around for a long time and went through a major transformation when version2 was released. So what I have
  • Levelshots Updated
    elfor  has created levelshots for several hundred maps that didn't have them. Levelshots are the small map pictures you see when you select a map on the map voting screen,
  • Custom Kingpin Info Console Background
    elfor has created a Kingpin Info custom console backgorund. It just replaces the regular console background with one that has the Kingpin.info log on it :) You can downloa
  • New Custom Crosshairs
    elfor has released some new custom crosshairs for Kingpin. There are five different sets of crosshairs (each set has three different crosshairs) and all sets are available

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