Xmas Mod Server Files Updated To v1.62

has released ver1.62 of the Xmas Mod server files for both Windows and Linux.

Changes are:-

- New fairytime cvar to set how many seconds fairies can fly before they fall
- Support for latest kpded2 geoip stuff
- Some little fixes

You can downloas v1.62 Xmas Mod server files from here.

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Easter Mod Files Released

The Easter mod files have finally been released just in time for next Easter :P

In case you misssed it when we played it during last Easter the mod is an Easter themed mod for Kingpin.

The items and weapons in the map are replaced by eggs, there are custom weapon skins and sounds, new prop models, new types of ammunition etc.

It supports normal game modes and there is also an exploding egg mode with killer bees.

You can download the files from here:-

Client Files

Server Files (windows and Linux)

Source Files 



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More Mod Source Codes Added

has added more source codes for some rare mods.

Natural Born Killers by {GT}TheGhost

I think NBK is a mod with bots


Files for the Botmatch bot files.

Quake2 Texture Fix

Source files for Quake2 texture fix bsp compiler converted to fix maps with capitals in there names that cause max_gltextures

Street Wars

Source files for two versions of the Street Wars mod that was unfortunately never completed.

Dead Man

Don't know anything about Dead Man

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Summer Mod Released

The Summer Mod 1.00b beta has been released.

The Summer mod  is a summer themed mod with all new weapons, sounds and player skins. The mod is made by  and  and incorporates the Monkey Mod. The original idea for the mod was by {GA}Cleopatra.

Some of the features:-

You can play DM, TeamDM and Bagman and new mode 'Capture the Points' in Summer Mod

New weapons - water pistols, nerf gun, crossbow, Kalippo pipe, beach ball launcher, etc

Custom sounds for all the weapons

Spray Paint - You can spray paint walls. Toggle 0 to switch between spray paint and weapons. Press 1 through 8 to select a spray paint colour.

Ammo cart - replaces the pack

Pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and melon - replaces large health packs

Sun Block - replaces the adrenaline

New icons for all pickups

Custom team skins

New console background

Lots of extras for the thug, runt and bitch models (hats, sunglasses, skirts, camera, cigar)

Please note that you don't select which extras you want to use but they are auto assigned depending which model you use.

You can download the Summer Mod files here:-

Summer Mod Client

Summer Mod Windows Server

Summer Mod Source

Fredz also put together two map-packs for the mod of suitable DM and Bamgan maps which you can grab from here.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

It's recommended to download the client files from here instead of from a server due to the amount of extras included.

Also remember if you want to run a public server you also need to download the KPDED2 Enhanced Server files from here.





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Kill Confirmed Mod Update

 is currently working hard on his new mod Kill Confirmed.

He has fixed a bug that crashed the game, updated the hud and he is currently working on adding 'kill confirmed' and 'kill denied' sounds to the mod.

He hopes to have another beat test next week (probably Tuesday).

If you took part in the beta test last week then you should delete the pak1 from the kill confirmed folder as the pak1 has been updated since last week's beta test.

To delete the pak1 open your Kingpin folder and you will see a killconfirmed folder. Open that one and you will see pak1 so just delete it.

You will download the new pak1 when you join the server.


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New Mod On Way - Kill Confirmed

is currently working on a new mod for Kingpin called Kill Confirmed. The mod is based on the Call of Duty mod of the same name.

Currently it only supports team deathmatch but Goat will work on deathmatch mode has well.

Basically it like deathmatch but when you frag another player on the other team they drop a dogtag and you have to pickup (run over) that tag to score the frag point for your team.

If a member of the other team picks up the dogtag first your team doesn't get the point.

It was beta tested today and it went well. Hopefully it will be released soon.



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GunRace V1.3 Released

has updated the GunRace mod to v1.3.

The changes are:-

Fixed a posible server crash bug

Added support for two more custom models -

Added latest Monkey Mod 2.0 features-
onscreen frag messages
death camera
death sound
latest map voting screen

Most of the updates are serverside but if you want to see/use the two player models Hypo added you will need to download the v1.3 update and overwrite the existing pak2 file.   

Grab the GunRace v1.3 patch here.

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location (Kingpin/gunrace). Overwrite the existing pak2 when asked.

If you don't already have the GunRace files then you need the GunRace Full install:-





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Thursday Game Of Speedway Mod & Deathmatch 27th June

The Thursday Game this week will be half an hour or so of the Speedway mod then the remainder of the night will be Deathmatch on Newskool servers.

Server Details:-

Server : Newskool Speedway
Date : Thursday 27th June
Time : 21.30 (9.30pm) UK Time\4.30pm EST time

Server : Newskool Fragfest
IP :
Date : Thursday 27th June
Time : 10.00pm UK time/5.00pm EST time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.30pm UK time here.

You can download the Speedway client files and maps from the server or you can grab them from here-

Speedway Client Files

Speedway Maps

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpinvfolder and they will be placed in the corrrect locations.

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Midnighht Massacre Mod UpDated

has updated the Midnight Massacre mod to ver 1.5 (Windows only no Linux).

Midnight Massacre is an old mod originally made by the Atrophy Team.

Midnight Massacre basically turns the lights off for maximum atmosphere. Starting with a magnum, a torch and paintspray, MM is standard DM but stealth is of the essence. Use your flashlight to find your way round but be careful you don't give your position away.

Changes that Fredz made to the mod -

- Rebuild on Monkey mod 2.0 code
- Added Spraypaint client
- Added daylight cycle as default
- Added worldlight options
- Added lightshooting option

There are several different light options you can choose from in the server.cfg file from normal light to full darkness (which is why you spawn with a flashlight).

Fredz also added a cosmetic feature where you can switch to a can of spray paint and paint the walls. This feature works with most of the light options except full darkness mode.

Download files from here -

Server Files

Client Files

Source Files

Just unzip/extract the files and they will be placed in the correct locations.

To run a server you need both the server and client files and if you plan to run a public server you also require the KPDED2 Enhanced Server file from here.


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CTF & CTF Xmas Server Files Updated

has updated the CTF and CTF Xmas Server files.

The CTF Server files have been updated to V1.4.

This update contains various bug fixes and enhancements.

You can check out the updates and download the files from Captain Death's site here.

Or you can download them from Kingpin.info here.


The CTF xMAS Server files have been updated to V1.03.

This update contains various bug fixes and enhancements.

You can check out the updates and download the files from Captain Death's site here.

Or you can download them from Kingpin.info here.

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