Jackbot Bots Uploaded

has uploaded Jackbots.

"These bots have a set of skills and behaviors that can be completely modified via simple text files: they have weapon preferences, different reaction time, different line of sight, different goals, different combat skills and spatial awareness.."

Make sure to check the readme and all of the other docs for more information about the bots.

The zipfile incudes everything you need to run a server with these bots. But if you want to run a public server, you'll need to use the Kpded2 file as well.

You can download the jackbot files from here.

Extract the skin files to your kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location (kingpin/jackbot).

Here is a short video Acc made showing off the bots.

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Kingpin Overhaul Mod

Shellcracker has released an overhaul mod for single player Kingpin called Guns 'N Thugs.

It features the following changes:-

Kingpin has a reputation as one of the toughest games of its kind, which can be mainly attributed to the unforgiving AI. This has turned away more than a few people as a result, which this mod seeks to remedy by giving the player a fairer chance with the following tweaks:

-Enemies are now only as accurate as the player, rather than almost perfectly accurate. They also don't lead their shots anymore, allowing you to dodge their gunfire by strafing.

-Enemies no longer have a random chance of not playing their pain animation, but also are more likely to do so.

-Rats will no longer bite you.

-The Grenade Launcher had its ammo capacity greatly increased, and grenades now explode on contact with enemies.

-The Flamethrower's fuel consumption per second was lowered from 2 to 1.

-The cooling jacket mod for the Heavy Machinegun has been changed to last indefinitely.

-And as a bonus, looting cash off bodies no longer requires crouching first.

You can download it from ModDB here.

Check the included readme for instructions.


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Screenshot From Saturday's Crash Mod Game


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Killerz Mod Update

is continuing to update the Killerz mod.

He has changed/updated the hud
added sounds for start of the Killer round and when the Killer dies
Added an option for the Killer to be covered in flames.

The Mobster and Killer displays on the hud have been replaced. The Killer now sees his name in red as the Killer in lower right of hud. The other players now see the Killer's name in green on lower right of their hud.

During the death match round the hud will display number of kills you still need to become the Killer and your current position on the player table.

When someone become the Killer and the Killer round starts the "are you ready to be f*cked" sound will play. When the Killer dies (whether by being killed, suiciding, or even if the Killer leaves the server the "ding" sound ill play).

When someone becomes the Killer that have a coloured glow. The default is red but there are several other colours as well and now Hypo has added the option of the Killer being covered in flames.





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Another Halloween Mod Screenshot

This one taken by Lil Blade.


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Screens From Thursday's Halloween Mod Game



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Killerz Mod Screens

A couple of screenshots showing off the new Mobster and Killer HUD displays.



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Killerz Mod Being Updated

is currently updating the old Killerz mod.
Killerz is a mod made in the early days of Kingpin by the Atrophy Mod Team.

It a simple enough mod, the game starts like normal death match. Everyone races to be the first to reach a set number of frags (2 - 5 set by server option). The first player to reach the required number of frags becomes the Killer.

The killer regains full health and gets full armour.

He also has a ooloured glow (another server option and can be red, yellow, blue, pink, aqua) All the other players (now called Mobsters) have to gang up on the Killer and take him down.

During the Killer phase all the Mobsters can only kill the Killer and have a white glow around their weapons to distinguish them from the Killer. Once he is killed the DM round restarts and the race is on to become the next Killer.
There are server options that can be set to determine how many frags the Killer gets for fragging a Mobster, for suiciding and how many frags a Mobster gets for fragging the Killer.

The Killer shows up as red in the scoreboard, there are regular screen messages displaying who the current Killer is and, during the Killer phase the Killer sees 'Killer' on the lower right of his HUD and the Mobsters see 'Mobster'. Once the Killer is killed the Killer and Mobster displays disappear from the HUD indicating the DM round has restarted.

Hypov8 has added Monkey Mod 2.0 support, fixed any bugs in the mod and added a few features to make the mod more playable.

Hopefully the revised mod will be ready for testing soon.

Here are some early screenshots (before some of the features had been added)



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Halloween Mod Files

The Halloween mod games are about to start.

You can download all the files from the server, or you can grab them beforehand from here.

The client files contain the required Halloween files and also most of the Halloween mod maps.

You can download the Halloween client files from here.

You can also get the Halloween CTF files from here.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

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Screens From Thursday Crash Mod Game



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