Kingpin: Reloaded Press-Kit

3D Realms also released a press-kit. I created new folder with with video's and screenshots check it out here.

FREDZ Friday 17 January 2020 - 16:55 | News, Reloaded
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seven comments


I really wanted to say something nice about it, then I saw the “enhanced” screenshots. Cranking up contrast and saturation till your eyes bleed is hardly an improvement. Don’t know what else 3DR has in store for the release, but right now I’m far from impressed.

ACC, - 17-01-’20 21:24
Captain Death

I agree completely ACC. It just looks to me like a rip off of mine and Hudsons patchers with some of that opengl enhancer that was floating about a few years ago.

It looks like the same low polygon models and low res textures as we have now.

Looking on the bright side, the new inventory screen and console ports means they probably did find the source code that the 3drealms dude mentioned a few years ago.

On the other hand, it could mean that every mod written up to now will not work with this new ‘enhanced’ version.

On the other bright side, it means that I can delete all the code I have done on the new directx11 renderer I was working on. Unfortunately this also means that the VR mode will also be deleted.

I would suggest that the richest one of us regulars buys it when it is released and check if connection to any existing servers is possible. If not, I certainly will not be buying it. In fact, I would probably not buy it anyway.

You have to laugh though. It boasts 4k res using 20 year old textures. My sides are still aching

Captain Death, - 17-01-’20 22:38
Captain Death

Of course I’m not going to delete my directx11 renderer code. I’ve spent a lot of time on it so far so that would be silly.

We’ll need it for when we don’t buy the new version ;-)

Captain Death, - 17-01-’20 22:42

From the little bits we’ve seen so far (perhaps the final release will be different), it does look like it’s basically the same game with some graphical setting tweaks. I think there are pros and cons to that. On one hand, it would be nice to have something shiny and new (but still with the Kingpin flavour). On the other hand, if it’s mostly using the original code then that could/should mean that it will be compatible with existing maps/etc and work with existing servers. Perhaps it won’t be so much of interest to us existing players but it could attract new and/or returning players (without them having to install a patch to get it to work properly).

hudson, - 17-01-’20 23:47
Captain Death

Then we are going to get into the realms (no pun intended) of crossplay between consoles and PC, and that will NEVER happen. Playing with a mouse and keyboard will always wipe the floor with someone playing with a joystick. Info relating to this can be found easily on the internet. If I recall, Microsoft did some studies.

I would also predict there will be zero chance of crossplay between the consoles either. This is more political than technical as far as I read somewhere, but its there nevertheless.

I will predict that there will be no way for the console versions to connect to anything other than ‘official’ servers via a built-in browser, and there will be no console to issue a connect command to bypass this.

PC players might be in a different situation, but any changes to the packet protocol will mean that the versions will be incompatible. Packet checksum algorithm change will also cause this, although kpded2 doesn’t validate it which may help ;-)

All this assumes there even is a multiplayer mode. Everything so far shows only single player, and not even a hint of anything after the finale.

Captain Death, - 18-01-’20 00:17
Captain Death

Vis bug? Where did the TV aerial go ;-)

Captain Death, - 18-01-’20 00:25

Even though Reloaded will support existing maps and (probably) mods, apparently, it’s using a brand new engine built from scratch, with a little help from Unity for framework. That’s news to me.

Xan, - 18-01-’20 18:25
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