Kingpin Reloaded Patched To 1.05

Kingpin Reloaded has now been patched to v1.05 on Steam.

It basically fixes one issue but it's one that a lot of ppl have complained about.

Fixed crash after hardcore mode is enabled.

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Kingpin Reloaded Patched To 1.04

If you have been holding off on buying Kingpin Reloaded from Steam until they started patching it, well they just released the 4th patch (1.04).

Patch 1.04 includes fixes and QoL improvements:-

Increased brightness and contrast ranges and scale
Sky box textures fixed
Spark particle performance improved
Explosion particle performance improved
Flamethrower flames performance improved
Reduced size of some explosions
FOV mode option localised
Fixed a blood render bug
Darkened all blood renders

Kingpin Reloaded Steam Page

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Kingpin: Reloaded - Gameplay Walkthrough

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Kingpin: Reloaded - Launch Trailer

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Kingpin Reloaded Release Imminent

Kingpin Reloaded will be released on Steam on Tuesday at:-

10am Pacific Time
1pm Eastern Time
7pm Central European Time

Check out the Steam Kingpin Reloaded page here.

Mr.Damage | Monday 04 December 2023 - 18:50 | News, Reloaded | 2 comments

New KPR Screenshots

These were posted in the Kingpin Discord so sharing them here.



Mr.Damage | Thursday 30 November 2023 - 20:00 | Reloaded, News | No comments Kingpin: Reloaded Page has set up a page for the upcoming Kingpin: Reloaded.

Check it out here.

Here is one of the screenshots of KPR that they feature there.


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Countdopwon To Kingpin Reloaded Release

Here is a countdown clock that counts down to the release of Kingpin Reloaded on 5th December.

Countdown Clock

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*** Kingpin Reloaded - Release Date Announcement ***

Watch the video :)

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Missing Ski Mask

found out there was going to be a ski mask head model for the thug but it was left out of the final release.



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