YouTube Co-op Video

Here is a video of two Russians playing Kingpin in co-op mode.

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New Kill Confirmed Video

mb, a new member of the community, made two videos of Sunday's game of the Kill Confirmed mod.

Here is one of them:-

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Video Of Sunday's Game Of Team Hitmen

 made a video from today's game of Team Hitmen.


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First Level Of Kingpin In GZDoom

Here is a video of the unfinished Kingpin TC for Doom 2. 

The creator, Cherno, only got as far as the 1st level. The mod featured the first Skidrow map, enemies and NPC, and some weapons.

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Kingpin Triple Monitor

A short YouTube video by Tom JirCZ showing off Kingpin being played on triple monitors!

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Video Of Thursday's Thug Floor Game

 has uploaded a video to YouTube of Thursday's game of the new Thug Floor mod.

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Kingpin Reloaded another interview

There's a nother inteview on by NightdiveStudios about Kingpin Reloaded  with Frederik Schreiber starting at 52:36:

Watch Independent Game Exposé from NightdiveStudios on

Thanks to  for supplying the link.

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Kingpin DirectX 11 Renderer

is working on adding Directx 11 to his new renderer. A replacement project for the original Kingpin client rendering.

Details here.

Mr.Damage | Monday 02 March 2020 - 03:16 | Mod, Video | 1 comment
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Video Of KiTMod Map Completed In 46 Seconds

has uploaded a video of him completing the Street Crack Kitmod map in 46 seconds. Impressive!

I have also uploaded a demo he made of him playing the map. You can download the demo from here.

To watch the demo you need to have the Street Crack map which you can download from here.

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

To watch the demo you just open the console and type:

map street_crack_amb.dm2

If the console doesn't retract just press space and esc and you should be ok.

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Night Work at the Factory Lets Play Video series

If your playing the Night Work at the Factory custom single player episode and having problems check the new video series out  by bublinkaLove.
If you've never played Night Work just watch the first video, which is the introduction, to see the level of detail that went into this custom episode that was 10 years in the making!
You can download Night Work at the Factory from here.

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