Kingpin Still Worth Playing Video

A good video review of Kingpin by Count M.

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Another Video Of Orbital Sanctum

has released another video from his upcoming Single Player mission called Orbital Sanctum.

Jerry describes the level this way:-

The first level featuring shootouts in my upcoming Kingpin mod campaign. I've been working on this map on and off and although it still needs further tweaks (primarily optimisation alongside item and enemy placement, balancing is a concern for me here) I'm finally happy with the state it's in.

Make sure you give this video a watch :)

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Stream From Thursday's Game

streamed the Thursday games on YouTube.

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Video Of Upcoming Single Player Mission

has uploaded a video of his upcoming single player mission Orbital Sanctum to YouTube.

The introductory map of the upcoming Kingpin mod Orbital Sanctum. The full layout is in place, however the cutscene that plays once you boot up the game is still missing and currently the exit elevator leads to a nonexistent map. Chances are lighting will see some tweaks in specific spots and there will probably be some extra environmental details too, mainly in the form of wear and tear.

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Kingpin: Life of Crime Ambience

Here is an ambient Kingpin video by Chief Smokey.

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Kingpin Playthrough On Real Difficulty

Youtube videos made by nontimetis.

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Top 5 Classic Lesser Known FPS Games From The 90s

Kingpin is one of them of course.

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Video Of Recent Game Of GunRace Mod.

YouTube video by Mr Goodfinger of recent game of GunRace mod.

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Thug and the electric shitshow

A painful but funny short Kingpin themed video.

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Video Of Recent Kill Confirmed Game

A Video of a recent Kill Confirmed mod game by Mr Goodfinger.

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