KingpinQ3 Video

Here is a new video of the standalone Kingpin clone - KingpinQ3. It shows off a few of the weapons in the KingpinQ3 version of the KPDM5 map.

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Dark-Jazzy Instrumental Hip-Hop Album Inspired By Kingpin

You should give this a listen :)

Bebopovsky And The Orkestry Podyezdov Life of Crime 2021

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Twitch Stream From Thursday's Game

streamed some of Thursday's game on Twitch.

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Kingpin Sounds In Perilous Warp

has modded the new FPS game Perilous Warp to include Kingpin sounds and released a video featuring the the replacement sounds.

The instructions how to add custom sounds is in the description of the video.

Mr.Damage | Tuesday 27 October 2020 - 09:14 | News, Video | 1 comment
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Video From Thursday's Game

McNappa streamed some of Thursday's game on Twitch.

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Andy Capp Player Model News

has finished working on his Andy Capp player model for Kingpin and is currently doing some testing.

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Street Revenge Episodes 3rd Video

EmoLevelDesigner has uploaded a third video to YouTube of more gameplay of the recent Street Revenge Episodes single player mission.

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YouTube video of Kingpin Soundtrack

A twenty three minute video of the Kingpin soundtrack.
Have it running in one tab whilst you surf the net in another :)

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Cypress Hill Video Added

 has added a page containing the video for the Cypress Hill song I ain't goin' out like that and also all the lyrics.
The song was used in the official trailer for Kingpin back in 1999.

Check it out here.

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Kingpin DirectX 11 Native VR Test

Video by Captain Death of early native VR test for the Oculus Rift and his Directx11 renderer.
Currently the VR support is very basic. There is no HUD overlay or menu support.


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