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  • Street Revenge Update
    Mr.Goodfinger is continuing to work on hiis Street Revenge Single Player Mission. Episode One has been released and the rest of the episodes are nearly finished. Here are
  • Street Revenge Steam Group
    Mr.Goodfinger has set up a Steam group for his Street Revenge single player mission.  You can check it out and join here. If you haven't downloaded Street Revenge yet you
  • Street Revenge Demo Released
    Mr.Goodfinger has released a demo version his Street Revenge Single Player Mission featuring the first episode (The Rundown) which consists of six maps and a cutscene. As
  • New Death Match Map - Skidrow 2019
    Mr.Goodfinger , with some help from me, has released a new death match map called Skidrow 2019. The map is based on/inspired by the CoD MW II Skidrow map. It is a medium t
  • New Deathmatch Map - Kitchen Rats
    Deluxive (aka Mr.Goodfinger ), with a little help from me, has remade the famous counter-strike Rats map for Kingpin. The map is set in a large kitchen with the players th
  • More Screens From Upcoming Sreet Revenge
    Here are some more screens from  Mr.Goodfinger 's upcoming single player mission - Street Revenge.
  • New Death Match Map Street DM
    Mr.Goodfinger and I have collaborated on a new death match map called Street DM. Street DM is a medium sized death match map where the setting is an urban street and also

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