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  • Screenshots Of Upcoming Death Match Map
    Trickle is currently working on a new death match map for Kingpin. It's the GoldenEye Complex map from the game Perfect Dark. I'm almost done with this map, just lighting
  • New Custom Bomb Model For Crash Mod
    Trickle has created a new custom model for the bomb in the Crash Mod. The files are in a pak2.pak file. You can grab the new bomb model from here . Just extract/unzip the
  • Screen Of Upcoming Crash Mod Map
    Trickle is putting the finishing touches on his new map for the Crash Mod. It is a conversion of the Felicity map from the game Perfect Dark. Here is a screenshot:-
  • Screenshots of Upcoming CTF Map by Trickle
    Trickle is currently working on a conversion/remake of the Team Fortress Classic Map Two Forts. As you can see from the screenshots he is usng all the original Half-Life t
  • New Death Match Map - Enigmatic
    Trickle has now released his first map for Kingpin which is a death match map called Enigmatic. Enigmatic is a large map in the style of the N64 GoldenEye 007 game. It use
  • Video Of Final Crime Boss
    Trickle has posted a video at YouTube of him beating Blunt (the antagonist) in The Final Crime custom single player mission.

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