Console Miscellaneous

Use these commands and variables in the console or a config file to completely customize Kingpin, troubleshoot problems with video or sound hardware, optimize performance, or make your own scripts. If you don't know how to get to the console, please read this.

Select the complete list (handy for searching for keywords using your browser, or for looking up a command or variable alphabetically), or any of the categorized lists from the links over to the left.

Variables are listed with their default values. Commands are listed without values, but some may have <required arguments> and/or [optional arguments], see the descriptions for valid arguments or values. If none are specified, it's a boolean variable, meaning it can be on (1) or off (0). Note that many video and sound changes will not take effect until you restart the video or sound system with vid_restart or snd_restart respectively.

The flags on some variables have the following meanings:
- (dash) command-line parameters - these variables can only be changed by loading the game with 'kingpin.exe +set variable value', they will not work if entered directly into the console.
+ set variable value', they will not work if entered directly into the console.
* saved variables - changes to these variables are saved between games by writing them to Kingpin/Main/config.cfg
S server variables - will be listed in the output of a serverinfo command
U user variables - will be listed in the output of a userinfo command
L locked variables - changes will not take effect until the map changes


Command arguments
- or -
Variable default value
mapname logo.tga display current map name (or logo.tga if no map loaded) [Flags: S-]
toggleconsole toggle display of the console screen for sending chat messages or commands
basedir the path to the main/ directory if other than the current directory [Flags: -]
cddir set location of the CD-ROM game files [Flags: -]
cl_parental_lock 0 enable parental content-control lock [Flags: -]
cl_parental_override 0 enable parental content-control override [Flags: -]
cl_physical_memory 128 display system RAM quantity (in MB) [Flags: -]
cl_rearviewmirror 0 enable rear-view mirror display (for the incomplete vehicle mode, see g_vehicle_test)
clear clear the console screen
cmd <cmd> <args> another way of executing a command -- no effective difference than omitting the 'cmd' part
cmdlist print a list of commands to the console
condump <file> write the contents of the console history to the file Kingpin/Main/file.txt
cvarlist display a list of variables and their values to the console (flags: *=setting is saved in config.cfg between games, U=user variable shown in output of userinfo or dumpuser commands, S=server variable, shows up in serverinfo command output, L=Locked for current map, changes will not take effect until next map change, - = may only be changed from the command line (i.e. kingpin.exe -cmd)
dir <path> <mask> display list of files on the disk where Kingpin is installed, relative to Kingpin/Main (use mask of *.* for all files)
g_vehicle_test 0 enable vehicle test mode (0 is off, 1, 2, 3 give different vehicles) [Flags: L]
game set directory to look for additional game files (besides Kingpin/Main) [Flags: SL]
link <from_path> <to_path> add the <to_path> shown to the list of directories that the game looks for files in <from_path>, use "" for path to clear
load <savename> load a saved game
parental_password "" set parental content control password
path display current search path
pause pause game
paused 0 enable pause mode
precache load all files before beginning play on a new map
protocol 32 display game protocol version [Flags: S-]
quit exit to windows without confirmation
save <file> save the current game (1p only, see load)
screenshot capture the current screen and save to Kingpin/Main/Scrnshot/KingpinXXX.tga, XXX increments with each screenshot
setenv set operating-system environment variables from within the game (such as the old FX_GLIDE_XXX variables for Voodoo1 tweaking)
skill 1 set single-player difficulty level (0 easy, 3 real) [Flags: L]
timegraph 0 enable time graph
timescale 1 set the relative relationship between game and real time (may be used to play demos in slow motion, or to mess with players on your server :)
version 1.00 x86 Jun 18 1999 Win32 RELEASE display build version and exe date/timestamp [Flags: S-]
viewpos display player position: x, y, z (elevation), and x-angle (facing direction)
win_noalttab 0 disable ALT-TAB switching from game to desktop [Flags: *]

FREDZ | Friday 11 March 2016 - 18:18
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