Kingpin On The Street CD At EBay

Someone on EBay is selling the On The Street version of Kingpin. It's US $7.99 + postage Buy it Now.

On the Street is a promo version that originally shipped with Riva TNT 2 cards and has been described before as a mixture between alpha demo and full version.

So I guess this would be good for a collector to grab :)

Check it out here.

Mr.Damage | Wednesday 15 July 2020 - 02:42 | News, Demo | 1 comment

Kingpin - On the Street

Thanks to we got now new kind of version of Kingpin it's Kingpin version 0.5

It's called 'Kingpin - Life of Crime - On the Street' it's some kind of mixture between alpha demo and full version.

Apparently it came with Riva TNT 2 cards.


You can download it in the new folder called: kingpin_onthestreet.

It's not the iso version yet but hopefully that will come soon.

If it doesn't work you need to replace the ref_gl.dll with the Kingpin orginale version or out of 1 off the patches. Becouse it's not build for Opengl.

It probably also explain the logo on Steam abit 'On the Street':

Unfortunately the Steam button for Kingpin wont show up if it is banned in your country, such as Germany.

FREDZ | Thursday 16 January 2020 - 20:29 | Demo, News | 1 comment
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