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  • More Atrophy Mod Source Files Released.
    Rat Instinct   has updated the Atrophy Mods Webpage again and addded the source codes for the mods made by  PigWhistler We've added source code for Pigwhistler's mods toda
  • Bigsteel4 Death Match Map
    Most people are familiar with the smallsteel4b  death match map made by  Pigwhistler that is a DM map mostly ripped from the single player map steel4. But there is also a
  • Atrophy Mod Page back
    Rat Instinct   and  PigWhistler have relaunched the Atrophy Mod Team website. It contains downloads of all their Mods they made and also all their maps. Hopefully soon it
  • Chaos Town Death Match Map
    Here is an oldie but goody. Chaos Town is a death match map made by  PigWhistler way back in 2001. Chaos Town is a small to medium sized, urban style, Kingpin map. It has
  • Atrophy Lava Tomb Death Match Map
    Atrophy Lava Tomb is a conversion of Quake 2's Q2DM6 Lava Tomb death match map by Pigwhistler . This one is textured similar to the other Quake 2 map conversions he did us
  • Atrophy's Lost Hallways Death Match Map
    This is a conversion of the classic Quake 2 deathmatch map Lost Hallways by Pigwhistler . Lost Hallways was the fourth death match map of Quake 2. The map takes place most
  • The Frag Pipe Death Match Map
    Another of the classic Quake 2 death match maps is The frag Pipe. It has been converted to Kingpin twice. Once by Pigwhistler and also by Whoop Ass . From the Quake Wiki:-

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