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  • New Xmas Bagman Map - Xmas Space Base
    Jonez has released another new Xmas mod Bagman map called Xmas Space Base. It's a small, two level, Bagman map, that utilises all custom textures. The map has 10 player sp
  • Xmas Stack Map Released
    Jonez has now released his Xmas mod Bagman map Xmas Stack. It's a small map set in a storage area with containers in the central area. Some have weapons, some can be run t
  • Christmas Stack
    Jonez is currently working on an Xmas mod version of his Team Stack Bagman map. Here is a screen of wip.
  • AB DM1 Death Match Map
    AB DM1 was the first map made by Jonez who went on to make many great Bagman maps. AB DM1 is a smallish, two level, death match map. The lower level is a cave like area an
  • New Death Match Map - Ancient Curse
    I have made a new map in the fragndie series of maps (fragndie8). This one is called Ancient Curse. Ancient Curse is a small, arena style, death match map with an Egyptian
  • New Bagman Map - Team Anubis
    Jonez  has now released his latest Bagman map called Team Anubis. It's a great looking, Egyptian themed, medium sized Bagman map. It uses all custom textures and several n
  • More new Bagman Goodness
    Jonez has quickly followed up his Team Barns beta2 map with another Bagman map called Team Bloody Tracks. This is a smallish Bagman map set in a trainyard. The map is smal
  • Beta Of new Bagman Map *Updated*
    Jonez has released a beta of his new Bagman map called Team Barns beta. This is a largish Bagman map with a farm style setting where the team's bases are two barns. There
  • Screenshots Of New Bagman Map
    Jonez is currently working on a new Bagman map. It's a Bagman map set on a farm. The screenshots suggest it is going to be a good one :)

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