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  • Who Was Voiced By Cypress Hill In Kingpin?
    Occasionally someone asks which voices members of Cypres Hill did in Kingpin. Fredz just showed me part of an old interview and it says that Cypress Hill did the voices of
  • Checkmate
    Cypress Hill [Sen Dog] Bout to mash these niggas man Don't come in my backyard motherfucker Hahaha, B-Real and the DOG, motherfucker! Ha! Yeah Here we go y'all, that's the
  • Lightning Strikes
    Cypress Hill "Attention all personnel The time has come! Attention all personnel Attention all personnel" "The world's famous The world's famous Cypress, Cypress Hill The
  • 16 Men Till There's No Men Left
    Cypress Hill Ladies and gentlemen We would like to present to you A group that is simply just marvelous, just marvelous Ladies and gentlemen, Cypress, Hill [B-Real] 16 men

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