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  • Death Match Version Of Crash Mod Map.
    Back in December 2005 Creamator made a DM version of the Crash mod map Lexington Warehouse, Los Angeles (bom-warehouse). Being a fan of the crashsquad mod wanted to see a
  • Bagman Map - Team Deck16
    Here is an older Bagman map you don't see on the servers these days. The map is Team Deck16 and was made by Creamator back in 2005. It's a Bagman version of his Unreal Tou
  • DM Streetwar Death match Maps
    Here are another couple of death match maps made by Creamator back in Dec. 2003. There are two maps in the one zipfile, a large version and a small version of DM Streetwar
  • Death match Map - KP2 Lab Beta
    KP2 Lab beta is a death match map made by Creamator back in 2004. It's a largish map set in a Research Laboratory Facility. It uses all Half-Life textures, features a 'fak
  • 550Hope Death Match Map
    I'm not sure if too many people know that there is a death match version of the CRASH Mod map 550Hope. It's a cut down smaller version of the map and was made by  Creamato
  • DM Jedi Final Death Match Map
    Here is a good old death match map made by  Creamator  back in 2003. It is  a small to medium sized map which has one main, two level,  open area. It uses all Jedi Knight
  • Deck16 Death Match Map
    Here is a great deathmatch map that was made by  Creamator back in 2003!. It is a remake of the classic Deck16 Unreal Tournament map. Creamator made it as a tribute to the

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