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  • Screenshots Of Upcoming Death Match Map
    Bigchunks is currently remaking another of the UT2004 DM maps. This one is DM-Rankin. The map is set in an old industrial building. Here are some screenshots of the WIP:-
  • New Death Match Map - Roughinery
    Roughinery is a large, vertical style, death match by Bigchunks with a little help from me. The map is a remake of the UT2004 map of the same name. It uses all the origina
  • Screen Of Upcoming Death Match Map
    Bigchunks has created a new death match map for Kingpin. It's called Roughinery and is a remake of a UT2004 map. It's currently at the beta stage and will be tested shortl
  • New Bagman Map - Team TwinTombs
    BigChunks and I have released a new Bagman map called Team TwinTombs. It is a large map that is a remake of an UT 2004 map. It is large but the layout is very straight for

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