C.R.A.S.H. Squad
Instruction Manual v0.3

Last modified: March 24, 2002

NOTE: This is version 0.3 of the instruction manual. I've uploaded this newer version to give some people a head start since we'll be releasing the updated version shortly. Keep in mind that certain features listed here might not be in the version of CRASH Squad you have and this manual will be changing as we change the MOD.

Table of Contents:

1.   Overview
    2.   Getting Started
    3.   New Commands
    4.   Weapons
    5.   HUD
    6.   Radar
    7.   Bomb Planting
    8.   Bomb Defusing
    9.   VIP
    10. Scoring     
    11. Gameplay Tips
    12. Additional Help


CRASH Squad is a multiplayer modification to the game of Kingpin about the struggle between the CRASH Squad, L.A.'s anti-gang suppression unit and the Crenshaw Mafia, a notorious Los Angeles street gang.

The game play is team-based with two different scenarios. The VIP scenario's challenge is for the CRASH Squad to escort a nearly defenseless civilian across a dangerous gangland. The other is the Bombing scenario where the Crenshaw Mafia must plant C4 at one of two sites while the CRASH Squad tries to stop them.

Weapons include pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. The weapon selection range from the Desert Eagle to the M4 assault rifle to the Molotov Cocktail. New weapons will be introduced as we go.



Getting Started

When you first join a CRASH Squad server it will look similar to playing Bagman or Team Deathmatch. You can join the game a few ways. To join the CRASH Squad simply press the number 1 or in the console type TEAM CRA. To join the Crenshaw Mafia simply press the number 2 or in the console type TEAM CRE. Typing TEAM CRA or TEAM CRE is most likely the easiest way to switch teams while in a game. Typing SPEC or SPECTATOR will put you in spectator mode

If you join either team within the first 15 seconds of a round you'll join the game automatically. However if you join after that time you'll remain listed as *DEAD* and will have to wait until the round is over to play. During this time you won't be able to talk with people playing, only other spectators. This is called dead chat. You'll notice that next to your name in chat it'll display (DEAD) This is also what will happen when your player is killed during a round.

While spectating players there are two modes for use with the chasecam. There's locked which is the normal view and freelook which is a newly added ability that allows you to lock onto a player yet look around him while chasing. You can toggle between locked and freelook modes by using your jump (+moveup) key. You have to be chasing a player to toggle between these modes.

If there aren't players on each team when you join then you'll enter into what's called Freemode. In this mode you'll be able to run around and do things you'd normally be able to do, however scores will not be registered. When someone joins the other team (so there are players on each team) you'll see a message stating that the round will be restarted and after a few seconds you'll respawn and a true round will begin. 

When the round starts you and your teammates will spawn in the same general area and the other team will spawn in theirs. The scenario you're playing will determine what special items you have. 

VIP Scenario:
VIP - Desert Eagle, Crowbar
CRASH Squad - Pipe, Pistol, Shotgun, MP5, Concussion Grenade, M4A1, MSG90
Crenshaw Mafia - Pipe, Pistol, Shotgun, Uzi, Molotov Cocktail, Dragunov, AWSM

Bombing Scenario:
CRASH Squad -  Pipe, Pistol, Shotgun, MP5, Concussion Grenade, M4A1, MSG90, Defusing tools
Crenshaw Mafia - Pipe, Pistol, Shotgun, Uzi, Molotov Cocktail, Dragunov, AWSM, Bomb (one player) 

Keep in mind that the weapons (even the standard ones) may act a bit differently than you're expecting. The accuracy has been altered so that firing when crouching provides better aim than firing when standing. Moving when firing decreases accuracy even more. Also the damage levels on these weapons are higher to make things more realistic. Burst fire also gives better control of the weapons since the longer a weapon is fired the more inaccurate it will get.Also when you're shot it will cause you to momentarily loose mobility and you should stutter if you continue to be shot. Your screen will also jerk when being shot.


New Commands

In addition to the regular Forward, Strafe, Jump, etc. commands that you will want to bind, there are a few new ones you will need to use as well. You may want to edit your autoexec.cfg file to change the default keys to the ones you prefer:

This command will select the Uzi. It will work for either team as long as they have the weapon.
This command will select the MP5. It will work for either team as long as they have the weapon.
use automatic DEFAULT KEY: 4
This command toggles between the Uzi and the MP5.
use bomb DEFAULT KEY: 9
This command selects the bomb in the bombing scenario. The bomb will not always be available to you since it's given to a different member of the Crenshaw Mafia each round. You will know when you have it because you will start with it at the beginning of the round and will see the message "You must crouch and plant the bomb at the bomb target"
use defuse DEFAULT KEY: 0
This command selects the defusing tools needed to defuse a planted bomb. When trying to use the defusing tools anywhere but at an armed bomb you'll get the message "You can only defuse an armed bomb"
use molotov DEFAULT KEY: NONE
This command will select the Molotov Cocktail. It will work for either team as long as they have the weapon.
use grenade DEFAULT KEY: NONE
This command will select the Concussion Grenade. It will work for either team as long as they have the weapon.
use projectile DEFAULT KEY: 6
This command toggles between the Molotov Cocktail and the Concussion Grenade.
This command will select the M4A1. It will work for either team as long as they have the weapon.
use dragunov DEFAULT KEY: NONE
This command will select the Dragunov. It will work for either team as long as they have the weapon.
use rifle DEFAULT KEY: 5
This command toggles between the M4A1 and the Dragunov.
This command will select the MSG90. It will work for either team as long as they have the weapon.
This command will select the AWSM. It will work for either team as long as they have the weapon.
use sniper DEFAULT KEY: 7
This command toggles between the AWSM or the MSG90.
scope DEFAULT KEY: Z (check autoexec.cfg)
This command enabled the scope. There are three states to the scope. Normal, mid-zoom and full zoom. Using this command will toggle between those states. This feature is only available on weapons with scopes.
radiomenu DEFAULT KEY: F3
This command will display a menu of radio commands listed 0-9. Pressing the corresponding number on your keyboard will sound that radio command to your team.
This command will toggle your radio feature on and off. When off you will not hear any radio communication from other players or from you to others.
This will sound the radio command equivalent to yes.
This will sound the radio command equivalent to no.
radio_clear DEFAULT KEY: NONE
This will sound the radio command equivalent to area is clear.
radio_cover DEFAULT KEY: NONE
This will sound the radio command equivalent to need cover.
radio_follow DEFAULT KEY: NONE
This will sound the radio command equivalent to follow me.
radio_hold DEFAULT KEY: NONE
This will sound the radio command equivalent to hold position.
radio_icenemy DEFAULT KEY: NONE
This will sound the radio command equivalent to enemy spotted.
radio_kill DEFAULT KEY: NONE
This will sound the radio command equivalent to kill them.
radio_letsgo DEFAULT KEY: NONE
This will sound the radio command equivalent to let's go.
radio_stay DEFAULT KEY: NONE
This will sound the radio command equivalent to stay together.
During a game the command to change your field of view is: changefov You can set your FOV in your autoexec.cfg by entering the old command line "set fov 90" (replace 90 with your desired FOV setting)
Typing this command into the console will show the amount of time left for the current map being played.
Typing this command into the console will show the name of the current map, the amount of time the map has been played and the name of the next map.



There are several different weapons/items at your disposal in CRASH Squad. Here is a brief list of them all:

      Special Items



      Defusing Tools   

      Hand Weapons



      Desert Eagle






















There are many new onscreen elements added to your Heads Up Display in CRASH Squad


1.    Radar - Shows other teammates and their location
2.    Team Name - Shows the team you're on
3.    Bomb/VIP/Dead - Players will show *BOMB* (blue), *VIP* (blue) or *DEAD* (red) depending on their status.
4.    Number of players - Shows how many players are on that team
5.    Kills - Shows the amount of kills per player
6.    Wins - Shows the amount of wins for that team
7.    Deaths - Shows the amount of deaths per player
8.    Current player - An arrow is shown beside your name
9.    Match Score - Shows the score. The top icon is CRASH Squad and the bottom is the Crenshaw Mafia
10.  Timer - Shows the amount of time in minutes left in the round. Once below 1 minute it will display in seconds.



Your radar can be used to find other teammates near you. The light green area is your visible area. The dark green is the area to your sides and rear which you can't see.




Bomb Planting

The bomb is assigned to a different player each round. When you have the bomb you'll tart off with it selected and next to your name in the hud it'll say *BOMB*. A message will display on your screen that looks like this:

Bombing sites are marked with X1 and X2 for bombing sites 1 and 2 respectively. Crouching in the general area of these markers and holding down your +attack key will bring up the following status bar:

When the status bar is finished the bomb will be thrown to the ground and a message will be displayed stating *The bomb has been planted*.


Bomb Defusing

Each player on the CRASH Squad team will be armed with defusing tools during the Bombing scenario. Using those tools anywhere but on a bomb that's not planted will result in the following message:

When defusing a bomb you'll get a status bar similar to when you plant the bomb as shown below.

When the status bar is finished a message will be displayed stating *The bomb has been defused*.




In the VIP scenario the CRASH Squad must escort the VIP (seen left) to a designated area on the map. It's the Crenshaw Mafias job to kill the VIP at all costs before he makes his escape.

The VIP's weapons consist of only the Desert Eagle and Crowbar which will make him extremely vulnerable. Members of the CRASH Squad team will alternate being the VIP each round and when you are selected as the VIP you'll get a message like the one below:


In each of the missions the VIP has a different escape route such as a boat, truck, elevator, etc.




Scoring is simple.

For individual players:
The ratio of the numbers of kills against the number of deaths judges how well the player is doing. 

For the team:
The number of wins shows how many times the objective was reached. 



Gameplay Tips

Tips courtesy of Hydro


If you're playing on the CRASH Squad team and you are the VIP stay in the middle of your teammates, but spread out so that you're not stepping on each other's feet. Before you know it someone throws a grenade and takes the whole group of you out.

Don't run out and try to get kills. Run and hide and make it to the safe point. The trick is for the team to split up and create a diversion. One team rushes from one way while the other moves in from behind and gets the VIP to the rescue point.

If you're playing on the Crenshaw Mafia team and you have to kill the VIP<===[looks like a Michael Jackson] don't run off into other directions stick around the rescue point. Defend it and don't break any windows or wood.  Save that for the enemy because it will let you know which way they are coming from or have been. This is a tactical mod so it takes time. Be patient.


If you're playing on the Crenshaw side and you have the bomb always try to stay in pairs. Don't run off by yourself. If you get killed you will drop the bomb and your team can not concentrate on taking out the enemy because they have to find the bomb now. 

When planting the bomb make sure you have backup if it's available because it takes time to plant the bomb.  Your team has to watch your back while you plant it. Once the bomb is planted try to get to a hiding spot, somewhere where you can keep an eye on the bomb if an enemy tries to disarm it. That way you can pick him off easily.  Try to cover all entrances to where the bomb is planted. Remember the same tactic from earlier: DON'T BUNCH UP IN A GROUP!!!

If you're playing on the CRASH Squad and you have to keep them from planting the bomb try to cover all bomb areas find a good hiding spot, but still stay in view of the red Xs that symbolize the bombing sites. Once the enemy tries to plant a bomb he's helpless and easy to pick off. If they manage to plant the bomb don't be so quick to run up and defuse it. Remember that they always have an eye on it. So case the joint to make sure it's clear and then defuse it. As always have a teammate cover you.

Tips courtesy of AI_Tunnleram

Chances are your best bet to survival is to get moving quickly in small teams towards the control points of each map so they can be secured. Most likely there won't be much success to lone wolf players since the strength of playing in packs will be important. It's also best to be more cautious when playing. A good player will use stealth and skills instead of just skills. It's also good to take note of your surroundings and determine what pieces of the maps you can use to give you advantages.

I can't stress enough is the existence of firing lanes. Watch teammates and where they are positioned. Make sure you're not wasting ammo shooting a teammate in the back while he's fighting. You'd be better off changing position for a better shot than firing blindly hoping to hit something. Take advantage of the distraction your opponent has while fighting your teammate.

If you see a teammate with his sniper rifle out crouched don't stand next to him with your sniper rifle. Have a short range weapon selected so you can cover him while he gets his shot off. Also consider that if he hits one shot it's easy picking for you to finish off the enemy.

Going through doors. Use caution here. Do it as a team properly and you'll never have problems. I always like for one person to open the door while 1 or 2 others focus on shooting what's behind it. If no danger is there then the one goes through while others cover and another and so on. This would keep reoccurring until everyone is in the next room and in position. Also don't all rush in because like Primarch mentioned with vents it's just as easy for three idiots to eat a grenade stuck in a doorway.

Breakable items in maps. Do yourself a favor and break as few things as possible. Especially if you're on the Crenshaw Mafia team in the VIP scenario. For instance in VIP_Landing (the one where the VIP must escape into the sewer in the street below). There are breakable glass windows and metal grates. If you leave these intact CRASH must break them to get through 3 of the 5 possible paths. If you hear these sounds you know where to look for them. It's simple. At the same time CRASH can use these sounds as diversions by sending teammates to break these things and sending the VIP the other way with support.

Tips courtesy of Primarch


Crouching improves your aim considerably. If someone is running towards me firing an UZI or MP5, and I am already crouching I will stay put and let them get 4 or 5 hits on me...while I empty 30 into their chest.

DO NOT bunch up in a tunnel. If a few of you are in a tunnel, leave at least 3-4 steps between you and the guy in front. If you are at a corner and the lead person suddenly starts firing, do not get up their backside trying to help. Most of the tunnels are only wide enough for one person and when he finishes firing, chances are he needs to reload, and it is much easier if he can duck back under cover to do this. However if you are up his arse, he is very dead and I guarantee you he will not thank you for it.

The other reason for not bunching is grenades.
3 people closely packed together verses 1 grenade = 3 very dead people.
3 people not packed together verses 1 grenade = (most cases) 1 very dead person, 1 slightly injured and 1 okay.

If you see someone defusing a bomb, please, do not get out you little pair of pliers and try to help. It won't make a difference. Instead, get out you nice shiny gun and cover him.

Maps. Learn them


Crenshaw Mafia -

Assuming you have a team of 6 players at least 1 must remain at the VIP safe area at all times, no matter what. Why? Because in many of the games I have played as the VIP, if I manage to sneak past the main Mafia attack, there is nobody left to stop me!

If just one person is left guarding the safe area, there is still a chance of killing the VIP (plus it also means that a lucky grenade cannot wipe out the entire team...I have seen this happen!)

If you are part of the hunting group and you are the only one left (apart from the guy at the safe area the best thing you can do is get back to the safe area as fast as you can.

There is no point running around the map hoping you can find the VIP, chances are you won't. He has to go to the safe area eventually, so go wait for him

Pay attention to the radar. If a few people suddenly get killed, look to see which dots vanish (you usually have about half a second to do this) There is a good chance that you can get an idea where the main CRASH group is (this is not written in stone however).

CRASH Team -

The VIP needs protecting, never let him run off or leave him behind without at least 1 bodyguard. When escorting him, try have at least 2 in front, and 1 behind (to protect against flankers) with the remainder just ahead as scouts.

I personally find that if the team breaks up into small groups, the chances of successfully escaping are reduced.
Most times Crenshaw will be in 2 or 3 small groups to cover all the ways to the escape area, so if you are all together there is a greater chance of killing them before it is too late.

If you are the VIP do not go kamikaze and run off, your little pea shooter is no match for an Uzi! If you can avoid it, never get into a firefight, you might think you can make a difference but that gun will give away your position everytime (If the Crenshaw thinks he is just dealing with a couple of Crash members, he might back off if outnumbered, if he hears your gun or sees you, he will try to kill you). Just duck and cover and pray that your team can clear the way and only fire when absolutely necessary.

If the VIP is the only one left, never run in the open. Crouch/walk, stick to the walls and any cover you can find. Don't let yourself get boxed in..be sneaky. Use the shadows, the VIP model can really blend in and usually the only thing that can give his position away is the name!


Crenshaw Mafia -

I find that there are three schools of thought for Crenshaw on a bomb map:

1. Plant as quickly as possible.
2. Plant as late as possible.
3. Don’t plant at all just kill the cops (a.k.a. Fragfest!).

The first two are mostly dependent on the map, while the third is usually dependent on the numbers of players on each team (the less you have the more chance it will turn into a fragfest).

The basic rules for a bomber is try not to go off on your own. If you get killed quickly you give the Crash team the advantage by being able to camp near the dropped bomb while the rest of your team don’t know where you were when you were killed.

If possible, you should only plant if you have someone with you to cover your back.

If you do find yourself on your own when planting you should make sure that there are no Crash players hiding near you. Quickly scout the area (there is no point in starting to plant if a crash player jumps out from behind a corner and frags you). If someone is shooting at you (no matter how far you are into the arming stage…even if you only have one star left to go) switch to a weapon and deal with the attacker. What is the point of planting if you get killed straightaway, all you do is give the Crash player time to defuse the bomb.
Another thing that the bomber should avoid is vents/shafts. You get killed in one of those and chances are the bomb will never be found.

If you are not carrying the bomb, at the start of the map quickly look around to see who is holding the bomb. If you cannot see who it is (either because they are not in your line of sight, or they switched to a weapon) go to the scoreboard and look to see what name is in blue (sometimes the player holding the bomb will say so anyway).
Stay with the bomber as best you can. If the bomber gets into a firefight try to take his place allowing him to slip away. Some maps need players to act as a rearguard (550 Hope) or a vanguard (Short Stop), your job is to give the bomber time to get away and plant.

The one thing to remember though is that unlike the VIP, if the bomber gets killed it isn’t over, someone else can pick up the bomb…

The number one rule for Crenshaw is this… Never, ever leave a planted bomb alone. Stay with it until you hear the high pitched tones…then leg it so you don’t get blown up with the bomb!

CRASH Team –

There are 2 bomb sites per map. On some maps one bombsite is as good as the other, on some maps one is easier to get to than the other is. You need to know which is the best place for Crenshaw to plant and divide the team accordingly.

Most of the time, the Crenshaw players will try to plant on the nearest bombsite to their starting point (i.e. the indoor bar in Short Stop or the open site on Warehouse) so the bulk of the players should head for them. The rest go to the other site just in case Crenshaw wants to be awkward! (If you have a 6-man team then a 4-2 split is best)

If you kill the bomb carrier and he is alone, don’t run off and leave the bomb to be picked up, find a nice place and park yourself there.

Disarming the bomb…as I said in the general advice in the previous post only one person should attempt to disarm the bomb, the rest should cover him (unless he is having problems or lagging in which case someone should jump in and help).

I want to stress the one person part especially because of a little game I had the other day. I think it was Lockaway Storage when I was disarming a bomb and along comes a teammate, who takes out his own pliers and does the same...I knew that there was at least one Crenshaw left (simply because I could hear him running). The bomb was about to go off, and I was not going to get up and start shooting considering I only had 4 or so * to get.

So I hit Cover me I'm going in hoping that my teammate would get the picture...he didn't...shots started bouncing off the wall (and me) and I started to frantically hit Cover me I'm going in...did he get the idea...did he buggery. To cut a long story short, we both died.

Teamwork in that instance might have saved us a loss, but the other person (not got a clue who it was) didn’t cover me while I disarmed the bomb



Additional Help

If you have any additional questions feel free to stop by TRAM Design and visit the forums there. Also read the readme.txt for any additional credit and rights information.