New File Format Tutorials

has created a new addition to the Tutorials Section in the Menu area.

This one features information on different file formats and has three entries so far - BSP, MDX and MD2.

Check them out by clicking on Tutorials then File Format in the Menu Section of the front page.

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Stronghold Opposition Bagman Map

Jogger sent me some old maps we don't have here at Most of them have issues of some kind (only a couple of player spawns, no weapons, way too big etc) but here is one that is ok.

Stronghold Opposition converted by *TD*(RW)Un, from Quake2, for Bagman. There are other versions of this classic Quake2 CTF map made for Bagman but this one is a direct conversion and uses all Quake2 textures and no structural changes.

If you have played Quake2 CTF then you know this map.

Like all early Bagman maps there are some neutral player spawns (so you can spawn in the middle of the map or also inside the enemy base) but I think that issue was fixed in a recent version of the Monkey Mod.

You can download Stronghold Opposition (Q2ctf2.bsp) from here.



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Thursday Game Of GunRace Mod & XMas CTF 27th Dec.

The Thursday Game this week will be the GunRace Mod. To keep in the Christmas spirit all the XMas mod death match maps will be played on the day. There will also be some XMas CTF played.
Server Details:-
Server : Newskool Gunrace
IP :
Date : Thursday 27th December
Time : 9.00pm UK time/4.00pm EST time
Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.00pm UK time here -
If you don't know about the GunRace mod you can read all about it here -

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Ho Ho Ho


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Screens From Random Game On The Botmatch Server

We had a random game today with quite a large crowd.

If ever you feel like a few maps just jump into the Luschen Botmatch or Luschen GunRace+bots server and more than likely a few people will see you there and come join in the fun :)





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Merry Christmas

Enjoy this screenshot taken by Lejionator :)


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Xmas Mod V1.61 Server Files Released

has released v1.61 of the Linux and Windows server files of the XMas Mod.

Whats new from Xmas mod 1.60 to Xmas mod 1.61

Client PAK file changes:

- New fairy model and sounds

- New grenade/snowball model

- Added more intermission music

- New team colour indicators

Game changes:

- Rocket launcher fires homing fairies

- Team colour indicator in top-right corner

- New xmas.ini option (custom_bm_map_file) for bagman map list

- Any map on the server can be loaded with changemap and votemap commands

- Item shadows enabled

- Pregame time reduced to 30s

You can download the V1.61 XMas mod server files from here:-



If you plan to run an Xmas mod server and you want players to be able to download the client files from the server you need to grab those as well:-

Xmas Client files

If you want to run a public server you need the KPDED2 Enhanced Server Files which you can grab from here.

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Xmas Mod V1.61 Source Files Released

has released the source code for v1.61 of the Xmas Mod.

You can grab the files from here.

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Screens From Sunday Game of XMas Mod

The game today was longest game ever I think and went for about seven and a half hours!
Four hours of XMas mod then the rest was after we moved to the East Coast DM server :)



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Sunday Game Of XMas Mod On USA Server

The Game this Sunday will be the Xmas Bagman Mod on the East Coast XMas mod server that Monkey Harris will set up for the game.

Server Details:-

Server : East Coast XMAS
Date : 23rd December
Time : 9.00 pm UK time/4pm EST Time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.00pm UK time here.

Grab the new v1.61 Xmas client files from here.

Grab the Xmas Mod Map-packs from here.

As it's the last game before Christmas lets make this the biggest game of the year :)

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