Thursday Game Of GunRace & Bagman 1st Nov.

The Thursday games this week will be an hour or more of GunRace random weapon mode on the new Newskool GunRace server then the remainder of the night will Bagman on Newskool Bagman server.

Server Details:-

Server : Newskool Gunrace
IP :
Date : Thursday 1st November
Time : 9.00pm UK time/5.00pm EST time 
Server : Newskool Bagman
IP :
Date : Thursday 1st November
Time : 22.00 (10pm) UK Time\6.00pm EST time
As daylight saving times have changed recently make sure you check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.00pm UK time here.
Grab the complete Bagman maps map-pack from here.
Btw if you don't have a Kingpin server browser you can grab Gamespylite from here.
If you don't have the GunRace mod client files you can download them from the server or, to save time, you can get them here.
Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

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New Brazilian Kingpin Facebook Page

Lejionator has started up a Kingpin Facebook page for fans in Brazil called Kingpin - Life of Crime [ Brasil ].

If you can speak Portugeuse or just want to help the group get started then you can check it out here.

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More Screens From Street Revenge

 sent me some more screens from a level he has almost finished for his upcoming single player mission Street Revenge.





Make sure to check out his Moddb Strret Revenge page here.

You can see more screens i nthe Kingpin Facebook Groups here and here.

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GunRace Mod V1.2 Released

has completed his updates for GunRace and v1.2 is now released for both Windows and Linux.

The main updates from v1.0 are:-

Fixed a bug that allowed players to get final kill with shotty
Added weaponorder 4 (will rotate between machine guns)
Added weaponorder 5 (will rotate between shotguns)
Fixed bug that allowed players to spawn with Machete
Added support for limited number of custom models - male_homer, male_alien, male_bender, male_krafty, male_mrburns, male_themask, male_soldier, female_wilma and male_drfreak.

There was no official v1.1 release as it was a lot of test versions that kept changing as more things were added and fixed.

There are full install zipfiles for both Windows and Linux which include everything you need to run a server or just connect to one as a client - server files, client files,  all the GunRace maps and the KPDED2 files so you can run a public server.

Grab them from here:-

GunRace Windows v1.2

GunRace Linux v1.2

Now there is also a patch that will update GunRace from v1.0 to v1.2.

So if you downloaded the full install for V1.0 you only need that.

GunRace v1.0 - v1.2 patch

But if you have played on the Luschen GunRace+bots server in the last couple of weeks you would have downloaded the updated client files in pak2 so you don't need to download anything more :)

The easiest way to check is to connect to the Luschen GunRace+bots server and in the top left hand corner of the hud it will tell you if your client files are out of date.

If you have old files you will see the message :-

Client files out of date.
Download at

As usual just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

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Male MrBurns Player Model Updated

Recently  added GunRace weapon support to several models so they could be used with the GunRace mod. When he was doing that he actually fixed some issues with four player models.

Beavis&Butthead - rescaled, moved to the centre and fixed the seam.

Alien - fixed the seam and added Kingpin weapon support

Krafty - added Kingpin weapon support

Mr Burns - rescaled.

I have now created a new zipfile for Mr Burns which contains all the model files, all known skins, GunRace weapons and  Mr Burns player sounds.

I added the player sounds becasue Monkrey Harris is owrking on adding individual player model sound support to an upcoming patch.

You can download the Mr Burns complete package from here.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.





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Halloween Server Files Released & Client Files Updated

 has now released the Halloween mod server files for both Windows and Linux.

During the course of the last month he has made several improvements to the mod including:-

added more blood
added a custom_bm_map_file
added an INI file option to set a BM maplist
added an axe hitmen round
enabled the "changemap" command to load any map on the server
added a new bat hit sound (hit.wav)
and some other little tweaks

You can download the Halloween server files from here:-

Linux server

Windows server

Remeber, if you are going to run a public Halloween server you will need to use the KPDED2 Enhanced Server files:-

KPDED2 Linux

KPDED2 Windows

I have also updated the Halloween client files to include all the latest Halloween maps, levelshots for all 38 maps, and a new sound for the rocket launcher.

If you have been playing Halloween during the past few weeks you would already have downloaded all the new maps.

If you don't already have the Halloween client files you can download them from here.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations (kingpin/halloween).

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New Levelshots Zipfile Uplaoded

 has created another levelshots zipfile with levelshots for 1642 maps.

He has updated a lot of the existing levelshots so they are now all uniform by being the same size and all have 2 borders.

In case you don't know what they are. Levelshots are the pictures you see when you vote for a map on the map voting screen at the end of the current map in multiplayer.

You can download the levelshots zipfile from here.

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Random Game Of GunRace

We just had a great game on the GunRace server.


There is a small group of players who play on the GunRace server most days so why not come along and join in the fun :)

If there is no one around you can still play against the bots there :)

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Screens From Sunday Halloween Game

Welcome to GvdH75 and Palindro and welcome back to Il Marziano :)



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Street Revenge Update

 has let me know that work is progressing on his new single player episode called Street Revenge.

It has 12 levels, an intro and end and a pawn-o-matic.

One level is finished, several others are nearly finished and most are at least 50% done.

You can see where he is up to here.

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