Beer Fort Bagman Map

We were discussing this map last week so I thought I would post about it.

Team Beer Fort is a medium sized, two forts, style map converted to Kingpin by [Beer]Budice.

It uses mainly cusotm textures and the team safe rooms need to be opened via nearby switches.

When you load the map it says there is a missing texture but you can just ignore that message.

You can download Team Beer Fort from here.



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Kingpin On Sale At

Kingpin is on sale at for 66% off.

Unfortunately the Steam & button for Kingpin wont show up if it is banned in your country, such as Germany.

It's part of their summer sale and will be on sale until 18 June.

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Custom Sky Environments

 sent in a zipfile full of custom skies he has collected. So I have combined all the zipfiles we had that contained custom skies with this one Elfor sent in and created one big zipfile containing all known custom skies. 

So if you are a mapper wanting to use a cusotm sky in your map you should grab this or if you are a player and have a lot of maps that are missing the custom sky then grab it also.

You can download the Kingpin Custom Skies from here.

Just extract the files to youur Kingpin folder.

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Sunday Bagman Game On USA Server

This Sunday it's time for one of the occassional games the USA East Coast Snitch Slappa server so players from USA/Canada/South America and Austrlalia will get a better ping for a change.

Game details:-

Server : East Coast Snitch Slappa
IP :
Date : Sunday 3rd June 
Time : 9pm UK time/4pm EST time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9pm UK time here.

Btw if you don't have a Kingpin server browser you can grab Gamespylite from here

Grab the complete Bagman maps map-pack from here.

Come along and join in the fun :)

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Player Model Pack Updated

I have updated the custom Player Model Pack to include the three most recent models (Wlima, Bender and Soldier).

So the pack is now back to including all known custom player models, all custom skins for the models and all extras. It also includes all the extras for the thug and bitch models (backpack, hats, cigar, joint etc). 

You can download the complete custom Player Model Pack from here.

Just extract all the files to your Kingpin folder.




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Imbred Runt Skin

Here is a gory looking skin for the Runt model called Imbred. Unfortunately the author is unknown.

You can download the Imbred Runt skin from here.

Just unzip all the files to your kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

Easiest way to select these skins is to:-

Pull down the console (tilde key ~)

Type in :-

skin "male_runt/der der der"


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GunRace Mod Update

You probably know we have been beta testing GunRace for the last few weeks. Goat has been running a GunRace beta server as part of the Thursday games.

As a result we found a few bugs and things that needed tweaking.

Hyov8 has been working to fix the bugs and improve the mod by tweaking a few things.

Because GunRace uses custom weapons and some dual weapons custom models can't be used. What happens is that if you are using a custom model when you join the GunRace server you are allocated a bitch or thug skin. But there was a bug that if you were using a custom female model you spawned as the thug and if you were using a custom male model you spawned as the bitch. This is one of the bugs Hypo has fixed.

He has also fixed an issue with the scores not recording correctly, and the gun sequence becoming messed up a bit, when a player 'suicides'. That is when a player falls off the edge in a space map such as kphipdm1.

He has also tweaked the shotgun to be a little faster and a little more powerful.

Currently the only remaining bug he is working on is the extras for the thug not showing in game correctly. By this I mean hats, cigars etc. Because GunRace uses different animations the extras need to be changed as well.

Goat will again be running his GunRace beta server as part of this Thursday's game night so I hope you can all come along for a game and help use beta test the mod :)

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Thursday Game Of Death Match & GunRace Mod

The Thursday Game this week will be an hour or so of Death Match then the remainder of the night will be the GunRace Mod beta.

Server Details:-

Server : Newskool Fragfest server
IP :
Date : Thursday 31st May
Time : 9.30pm UK time/4.30pm EST time

Server : Goat's GunRace Server
IP :
Date : Thursday 31st May
Time : 22.30 (10.30pm) UK time/5.30pm EST time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.30pm UK time here.

You can download the GunRace beta client files from the server but to save your self some time you can download them from here.

Just extract all files to your kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations (kingpin/gunrace_b1).

Last Thursday was a lot of fun and this week should be no different so see you all there :).

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Just a reminder we now have a Discord channel thanx to Ye Illuminator.

You can join via the Menu section on the left of the front page.

Just click on Chat and then Discord and you are there.

You can text chat, voice chat, post videos, screenshots, links to Kingpin files etc.

There are currently 30 or so members but lets get it to 50+ :)

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Another Kingpin Video Walkthrough Series

If anyone is currently playing the single player game and needs a bit of help then check out the latest vieo walkthrough series by P3nnyW153r.

Check it out here.

It's currently a work in progress with five episodes completed. Why not click on the link above and give him a like to encourage him to continue the series :)

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